Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Valentine’s Day

Woops! There is new movie coming soon titled Valentine’s Day! For all couple and lover, this is a not must miss movie! There are alot features actors & actress in this show! wooohoooooo! I know alot guy and girl gonna drool over for this movie! So do i! =P

So if i am given a chance to date with one of the star in this movie during valentine day..who would it be? Ashton Kutcher? NO! Anne Hathaway? NO! Patrick Dempsey? NO! Taylor Lautner? hmm..can consider :D

OPS! Wait..i suppose to choose it as my date for valentine day! no! NOT TAYLOR LAUYA LAUTNER! I gonna choose the pretty pretty Jessica Alba! YAY BABEH!!

Since it was a valentine day, first thing i gonna do with her is shopping! I'll get whatever she like in the shopping center even it gonna cost my credit cards off limit!

After that i'll bring her to KL Tower for scenery view. I pretty sure she gonna love KL view once she look on it with her own eyes! Hooray for KL!

Next, we'll go for movie together! What movie would be our choice? Horror so that she can be damn sad and chicken out until hug me? Romantic so that it could trigger some *ahem ahem* in between us? Hahaha

After the movie, i'll drive her to Broga Hill for sunset sightviewing! I gotta say it is very beautiful and totally gonna impress her!

After some sightviewing from Broga Hill, we'll go to one of the famous restaurant for candle light dinner. Romantic right?

Finally, i'll drive here all the way to Malacca just for Eyes On Malaysia 15 mins riding! With that, she could enjoy the night scene as well!

So thats gonna be My Valentine Day with Jessica Alba! Will the director , Garry Marshall gonna used me for his next Valentine's Day production? XP


valentine unique gifts said...

I wanted to give something out-of-the-ordinary for Valentine’s Day. These recordable cards are just what I was looking for. I can’t wait to see my boyfriend’s reaction when he opens the card.

stephy-nie said...

eye of malaysia tutup jor wor... XD during horror movie time she might just start whacking you cause scared instead of hugging XD

Jackie Loi said...

@valentine haha cool for u :D

@stephy LOL ya ma? nvm go sit virtually XD..whack me nvm, love beat! XD

wendy said...

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