Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Samsung Color Me Corby Carnival!

I went to Samsung Color Me Corby Carnival! on last sat courtesy to Nuffnang. There are roughly 100 participant to this carnival and divided into four groups based on Samsung Corby colors. I was assigned to White Group, together with Cayenne, Jeremy, Joshua & Spec. Oh yes, i m seperated with my 1koolz! team T__T...

Anyway, for this special post, i would love to present all my pics through Samsung Corby screen! Virtually of coz XP...on d early of morning, after we register at Sunway Extreme Park, we went in there and join the briefing about the games we gonna face. We have to complete 4 kind of challenge and compete with others group in order to win. Of coz the champion will got themself Samsung Corby each and 1st runner up will got RM2500 for whole team, not each XP..

The first game was STEPPING BALLOON. We need to send 10 representative from each teams and start tie the balloon on own leg. After tat our mission is step on enemy balloon and in the same time protect own balloon. Everyone was play crazily for this game..i guess evert1 enjoy step and kick each other eh? =P..for this game, Orange group was the winner.

Next was second challenge, TUCK-OHHHH-WOHHHH!! (Tug-O-War actually XP). I believe everyone know what is it about, thus no further explanation on this, haha. However the field we gonna play this game was in the water. Wow!! Damn slippery weh..And i believe Orange group members very imbalance! All strong and tough felor was in this team! Just like in dotA game when u have imba hero, u pawned others easily. Yupz u got it right! Orange group was the winner again for this challenge.

Later, we were guided to other location for the next challenge, CLIMB TILL YOU DROP! Lol ok no such title, i created it myself XD..Our mission was pretty ez for this challenge, we need to climb the wall and pluck out a balloon and bring back to group in 10 mins time. Every1 in a group have to climb. However some accident happened and the balloons was blown away by wind. Thus the rules change to everyone must climb until the top and touch on it in 5 mins. Obviously the most will win =P. The winner for this challenge was Yellow group.

Finally, the last challenge where everyone waiting for, PAINTBALL WAR!!! Is time to nut or shut up! Is time to shoot each other regardless ur friend or ur enemy! Muahahahaha..for this challenge, each group need send 10 representative and form 2 micro group of 5 person. The mission for this challenge is shoot ur enemy and take back the flag that located in front back to base. As i mentioned b4, Orange Group damn imba! They won again on this challenge! woahhhh!!!!!

Since Orange group won the most challenge, obviously they are grand winner! 1st runner place was drop to Yellow group who nearly won Orange group in Paintball. Congratulation to everyone in Orange group! sigh..y i m not in orange group since in d samsung corby post i said i am orange lover T_____T

Though i won nth on that day, but i had fun spending time and moment with friends in the carnival. All this stuff could never get by winning, but sharing :). Of coz after the event we did took pics as memory together :D

And lastly, good job to all Nuffie who work hard on that day! :D


kRaZy said...

interesting way to present the story! haha..

§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

so cool man!! creative ppl mmg creative!

xox `Lyng` xox said...

haha! nice one. wasted I ain't there. :(

Cayenne said...

good post! no worries.. i got a strong feeling that u going to win the corby phone with this post. =P good luck

Jackie Loi said...

@peili heh thx :)

@kristine lol biasalah! i cari makan wif my idea and creativity wei XD

@lyng haha next time then :)

@cayenne LOL..if i tak menang u need belanja me makan to tenangkan my perasaan XD

Nikel Khor said...

show me ur new phone..congrat

from Nikel Khor