Saturday, January 30, 2010

Samsung Color Me Corby Colored Me!

Yesterday while i am in stress doing my modelling interior design, something emailed to my inbox and cheers me up. It was from Nuffnang! Omg they announced the winner for Samsung Corby blog contest. you got it rite!! is *jeng jeng jeng* time! =P

* The box! *

I went to collect it from Nuffnang office d moment i got d email coz i was only free yesterday. D others day i am busy with my assign and class. Well i am choosing Yellow Festival color for d phone ;P

* The pretty lady~ *

Just tested play it for few hours. Overall i found that it was a great phone. The touch screen was sensitive towards thumb (like iphone) and nail has no effect on it (FYI, my SE G900 more sensitive towards nail compare to thumb). Beside, the UI was simple yet attractive enuf ;)..Friendly user i must say

* Widget on left *

* Menu UI *

In addition, I am quite impressed by the scroll (or they call it accelerometer sensor) was applied on the wallpaper (only wallpaper XP) and the menu (like iphone yo). Unfortunately, the only things i disappointed was no wifi~ nvm..we got Corby brother who called Samsung CorbyPRO which come with wifi wise, i havent test it out..i dun reli bother on phone cam since i got a..Dee Ass L Are~

* 3 casing come in a package *

Anyway lets compare Corby with my newly Babe N900. Why compare? I know both are difference category phone. What i am comparing just physically appearance anyway XP..just for harm k?

* Corby on palm *

* Comparing with my N900 *

* Slimmer by alot~ *

* Height and width almost same *

Guess what? this gorgeous Samsung Corby belong to my sis now =). Kid nowday so pampered by parent~ok i m not a parent yet XP

Lastly, Thanks to Nuffnang & Samsung for the gorgeous prize ;D


` Yi Han said...

OMG now you got 2 new phones T__T

Jackie Loi said...

LOL...but d gorgeous belong to my sis adi XP

§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

why you so nice to your sister wan? why my brother does not win anything wan? T_T

KwOnG FeI said...

wow.. congrats~~

MichLeong said...


Cayenne said...

congratulations~!! proud of white team! XD

Jackie Loi said...

@kristine LOL..go force ur bro win something XP

@kwongfei thx ;D

@michi *call ambulance*

@cayenne white team rocks in blogging! hohoho

MichLeong said...

ambulance also no help =S

Jackie Loi said...

@michi *injection time =P*