Friday, January 29, 2010

Sneak Preview My New Babe

Finally! Got chance to post about my new Babe. If you guys follow my twitter, recently i have been tweeting my new babe. And *jeng jeng jeng*...This is my new babe!

Yes it is Nokia N900! I am still keeping my SE G900 as my secondary phone since my previous secondary phone ko-ed. Here some specification of N900.

And here some pics taken with my Babe N900 :)

* Love the keypad design *

* Not to mention, Kamen Rider W as theme! *

* My desktop design with W various forms..couldn't get nice pic of Fang Joker =| *

I guess i got fate with "Nine" digit...lets see...i got SEG900, NKN900, dream to get Tamron SP90mm and finally..i might get Nikon D90? all "9999999999" digits...should i start buy lottery with "9" inside there? LOL

Anyway full review about N900 will b publish once i fully play with it :)


Joshu@law said...

I'm also interested in N900! Fast fast go play with it and tell me is it good o not? haha! XD

atreyu strange said...

Eeeii.. so jealous with you. Dah la menang the Samsung Corby! Huhu.

vkvun said...

wah, so nice? so fast get your on hand it d ah?? My dream phone leh, all thanks to my intro. haha. How much you got it??

Anonymous said...

OMG ... I'm so jealous dao =( I want !! Faster do a review on it k =P *waiting*

Jackie Loi said...

@joshua LOL so far so good for me prob yet~

@atreyu ehhh ko pun menang samsung corby k! =P

@vun LOL mehh i adi know this phone b4 u tell me ok! it for rm2k

@meiyee LOL...okok i'll do it once i play it for a week! XP

vkvun said...

ok loh. but 2k consider not bad d. haha. somemore is N series phone. do give us the review whether nice or not nice or got any problem with it. hehe

Anonymous said...

It's an AP set right? Nokia haven't confirm/official to bring u.

Jackie Loi said...

@vun LOL ok sure

@joshua yea is AP set...LOL

Ah Josh Dot Net said...

josh low here......can i ask u put the msg boxes???to tell u no msg one......pls teach me thanks