Sunday, February 07, 2010

1Koolz! Chilis Dinner Party - Eat Till You Drop!

In conjunction of 1Koolz! won the Digi Pimp My Day Challenge With Mardigras, each of us got Chilis voucher worth RM300 =P. Thus this dinner party was specially for 4 cool member together with the 4 OP who chase and run wif sweat wif us on tat day. In addition, each of us (1Koolz! members) can brought along 1 special guest (ok mayb not special..haha) to join d dinner as well. Cool rite?

Unfortunately there are 3 ppl who couldn't make it for d dinner, thus d num shorten it to 9 ppl. We went to dining at Mid Valley, Chilis.

As usual, memory not so good. We ordered too many food but i cant remember a single name of the, pls bear with me and enjoy d food pics XP

* Jeffro Resipe! He put damn alot types of fill inside.. *

* And guess it doesnt taste so well... *

Well, we been there for almost 3 hours. I guess d waiter kinda behsong us since we syiok sendiri and took alot pics at there =P..and we make noise as in v r in cafe or mamak stall..haha..

* The girls *

* Doremi guys *

* i m not womanizer..i am not womanizer..i am not.. *

* Sam & Vic *

* Xiang & Sam *

* My guest of the night, Victoria *

Well, have fun eating at Chilis. My 2nd time been here in the rest of my life as in i dun reli fancy expensive food. Occasionally is ok for me..if alwiz =___=..can, if my tree can grow money..~ LOL

* Showing off our 'money' *

Still got extra voucher that enuf for me to bring my gf go eat twice!

* Final group pic *


Samantha Kong said...

officially was the best dinner I had in ages!!! *hugs*

Justin Hee said...

So Sad.....tarak datang....

w3ndee said...

haha.. rm300. can eat till crazy :P

Jackie Loi said...

@samantha yes of till u puke worrr =P

@justin ask u come dowan! =P

@wendy haha yea looo...:D