Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Digi Blackberry - DG Smart Plan

As everyone know, i received a blackberry from Digi & Nuffnang last 2 weeks together with DG Smart Plan for Blackberry. So what is DG Smart Plan for Blackberry thingy means?

Is the pic above give u clear idea what is it about? If not continue read below what is it about XP..I believe u all know what it means by unlimited internet where u just need to pay RM58/month, u get to enjoy unlimited email, IM, Facebook, Twitter and etc. Cheap rite compare to other telco? =D. Meanwhile, it is zero commitment for call and sms but what u use is what u pay. Here are the rate plan and charges for call and sms.

I m sure the rate are affordable to everyone even for a student like me :). In addition, the more u use, the more u save! Thanks to this plan, whoever digi user totaled bill usage for a month more than RM200, the Blackberry unlimited will b FREE! Free yo!! What if not more than RM200? Dun be disappoint. If ur bill was in between RM100-RM199.99, u'll get 25% discount for the Blackberry unlimited.

Isn't DG Smart Plan cool for all Blackberry user? It's time to change to Digi for better life :)

for more info, feel free to browse Digi web :)


MichLeong said...

where u get the blackberry de? contest?

Jackie Loi said...

@michi from Digi & nuffnang lo..is not contest..LOL