Tuesday, February 02, 2010

LIFE GOOD when you never give up!

LIFE GOOD? oh well this is not LG related post XP..dun get me wrong. Still remember the blog i did for Digi Pimp My Day challenge? Did 1Koolz! bring ur memory back? i was surprise that out of so many contestant, my blog post was chosen as the owner for Personalized Laptop, Speaker & Headset.

* My prizes ;) *

I m so darn happy! I reli appreciated everything i had now. Specially thanks for Nuffnang of coz for keep offering such great event and prize for bloggers ;). i bet alot of u feel like smacking me for getting 2 laptop (Dell & Acer) and a phone (Samsung Corby) from Nuffnang within 2 months..LOL

Anyway the laptop i got from is Acer Aspire 4736Z-442G32Mn, ATH-FC700 headset and Edifier MP230 speaker ;). Ah, forgot..and d laptop bag as well ;). The three items i mention earlier was fully personalized with my name.

* The top casing was paste with the skin *

* Side view *

* Heart the keyboard ;) *

* The headset *

* Personalized too *

* My name ;) *

* The speaker *

* 1 bar speaker yo! *

* My name again XD *

Guess what? i enjoy most wif my new speaker. Initially i wanted to buy new speaker for my current desktop, but now i dun have to ;). Well, good thing my new babe capable to do this...

* My babe with 3.5mm audio jack *

i am glad i never give up this Digi post tat time because of tat time alot sudden change plan which cause me no mood actually. But i do believe, as long as i never give up, eventhough 0.000001%, there is still a percentage for me to success. If i give up, definitely 0% hope.

Finally, thanks for all 1Koolz! team members. Jacq, Sam & Xiang. Without you guys, there is no 1Koolz! Thanks for everyone effort. Omae-tachi saikou no Paatona (You guys are Ultimate Patner)!

* We are COOL! We play COOL! *


CWKen said...

whoa... someone got an ausio technica oh lol me planning to get either AD500, AD700, or AD900 in near future depending on budget and sound signature :D

Jacquelyn Ho said...

wah. nice headphones!

hehe congrats again yo~ we tumpang gembira for u woots

Jackie Loi said...

@ken LOL i m not headset fans..so tat headset i wonder i'll b using onot..if u wan i sell to u XP

@jacq thx babeh! ;)

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Woohoo your hard efforts do pay off =)
Keep it up~!

Now I guess it is ur turn lots of ppl jealous at you, haha!

MichLeong said...

Oh yes, i feel like smacking you. *smack* haha.. congrats anyway..nice personalised stuffs. +.+ *Screams "I want!*

vkvun said...

I also feel like wanna smack you. But congratulation

Anonymous said...

Congraz to you too man!

Jackie Loi said...

@TC haha dun jealous..u won more than me T_T

@michi smack me? RIDER KICK! =P

@vun thx dude

@joshua u toooooo!!! =D =D

stephy-nie said...

so fun everything got your name on it :D

MichLeong said...


StevenBoy1986 said...

wow... Congrat!!!
Great Job! You guys are really contests killer!