Friday, February 26, 2010

Melacca Day 1 - The Jonker Market

Finally a trips wif my friends and gf! though not much of us but is good enuf. Too many ppl will cause some problem sometime =P..As i said in my previous post, we went to Melacca after visiting Pn Chew house. We reached Melacca around 7pm and check in at our guesthouse 1st. After that we went to walk and look for dinner at Jonker Street, Night Market.

* Huge and alot ppl *

The last time i at Melacca was 1.5 years ago and i have no chance to visit the night market. This time i am given this opportunity to enjoy the night market for 3days2nights..LOL...Due to over population, we hardly get a shop to sit down and had dinner. Thus we randomly bang in any shop tat doesnt have much ppl. Ended up we are at this shop...

* The shop we bang in *

* Inside got karaeok where oldie sing oldie song..reli eardrum killer... *

As d pic show, it was a mee shop. I order Dry Kuey Teow and add additional stuffs in it.

* My Kuey Teow *

Nothing special on this mee. Just an ordinary one. In addition, i am not feeling well that day. I guess diarrhea LOL..due to that problem, i retired my self from d gang and went back d guesthouse alone to rest. Thus all d pics below is taken by my gf XP.

They continue walked the Night Market after d dinner. As usual, the most things we had in night market is none other than FOODS! FOODS! FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDSSSSSSSSSSSS!

* Little Dumpling *

* Bang Bang Tang i guess *

* The famous Taiwan Sausage that can kill u in a single bite..spicy-lah! *

* Thou who dare challenge will ended up like Bala XD *

* Another singer at d end of the Pasar Malam *

Well, thats all for me on day 1 in Melacca. The main purposes of this trip is eat and foods only. Unfortunately i failed to accomplish d mission T__T

To be continued...