Monday, February 08, 2010

Milkshake Birthday Party by Xiang & Zoe

Last sat night, i was invited to attend...

Cool design rite? i wonder who design it XP..i also wan a Kamen Rider Clevis design for tat! hahaha..The birthday party was placed ar Zoe house, located at Taman Midah. There are more than 30 guests invited for this Milkshake Birthday Party. Majority i know who is it =P

* Cute balloon in front Zoe house *

* Xiang wif wide smile when receiving present from us *

Well, all guest are required to bring their own ice cream to blend it. Tats y this party call Milkshake..err, to be honest my first time drink ice-cream blended..LOL..I even requested Zoe to mix the vanilla, strawberry & chocolate ice cream and blend in all together..outcome? damn rojak -__-

* Blending Ice-cream.. *

* And Zoe be the first one to test it *

Well, lets my pics speak from now on..

* Jeffro who brought along the Domino box to everywhere and treated it as plate *

* I found out most of their expression look funny in this pic *

* Jian who come all the way from Melaka to attend this party *

* Game session. We are given a word and need give hints to others by using gesture. No voice are allowed *

Oh yea, i did few video shooting. First video is a ice breaking session while d 2nd video d title by urself =P..haha

Some pics of the guests on that night

* Jeffro who enjoying the Ogawa chair *

* Poser *

* Nerdy Gang. Jamie, Ren & Joanna *

* A pic with Jamie & Xiang *

* And of coz, with the 2 main character. Ignore Jian who as background XD *

Not to forget, the final pic, group pic =D

* Group pic *

Today is Xiang exact birthday, Happy Birthday to u! And Zoe birthday fall on 10th feb, Happy Birthday in Advance to u :D