Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Chinese New Year in Seremban, Mambau Day 2

Continued from My Chinese New Year in Seremban, Mambau Day 1

On day 2 of CNY is d last day i at Seremban. Will be going back KL after having dinner with all my relative. On day 2 i did not shoot much on landscape. Perhaps i din explore much around my grandma house. But i did human photography most on this day ;P

* There you go, the water tank again *

* Taken from top of the Water Tank. But i dun dare go further up coz scare my gradma see me and yell on me XP *

* The sunset, taken outside grandma house *

We went to had dinner at a S Two Wong Seafood Restaurant nearby my grandma house. Well, the restaurant is overcharging for d dishes we order. It cost RM360+ for each table (v got more than 20 ppl and spilt into 2 table). OMG. Those dishes arejust normal and nth special..and they even charge a shark fin soup that dun have shark fin at all for RM100. WTF!

* my 4th Yee Sang of the year *

* My table lou-ing *

* another table lou-ing. My uncle so yeng lou while sitting *

CNY day 2 rather is boring or neutral feeling. I guess when year pass by year and i grow up older and older, somehow the excitement for CNY is not that much in me. The spirit of CNY is reducing. Oh well, mayb my mind will change if i get alot ang pao ;P

* My cousin who just married *

* His bro my cousin and his gf *

* My uncle family *

* Girl reli do camwhore alot..LOL *

* Girl secret.. *

* My grandma and my grandpa. He purposely close 1 act cute? LOL *

Well, thats all my Day 2 of CNY in Seremban. I cant wait on thurs where i gonna gather with all my friends and fri i'll b going to melaka with gf and unimate ;D