Saturday, February 20, 2010

Nice Soup Gang Restaurant

Once in a every year, my dad will bring us to this Restaurant. What do they have? Well this shop specialty in Abalone Set. Every year, we'll b given chances to eat Abalone Set worth RM98. It came with 6 types of dishes for each person except the vegie.

* Nice Soup Gang Restaurant *

* Alot antique clock *

And here are the dishes

* Abalone with Sea Cucumber *

* Braised Shark Fin with Dry Scallo *

* Special Sayo Sauce Fried Tiger Prawn *

* Garlic Fried Hong Kong Vegetable *

* XO Sauce Fried Rice *

* Ginseng with Bird Nest *

Worth it onot? judge it by urself. For me i m quite ok wif it. But i dun reli found what so nice about abalone. It taste very neutral for me..XP..ok i have a weird taste...LOL

No 8, Jalan Daya 11,
Taman Daya,
Kepong 52100