Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pun-choi (Chinese Casserole) at Nice Soup Gang Restaurant

Last sun, i had relative dinner again. This dinner main purposes is to celebrate my cousin who got 8A's in SPM (The cousin who i said got Rm10k from her dad n my grandma..awwww!! Rich bastard! >,<). My dad suggested to had Pun Choi AKA Chinese Casserole at Nice Soup Gang Restaurant. It was my first time eat this dish! Heard also nv heard d name b4..LOL! Pun Choi is actually a dishes that consisted variety types of seafood and meats! It cost RM288 at Nice Soup Gang Restaurant for 10 pax. Worth is? i guess yes :P

* Abalone included? wink wink =) *

It will be perfect for seafood lover. But i kinda scare if eat too much seafood. But the portion definitely worth for 10 people on the table!

My dad scare the Pun Choi alone not enuf to fill in 14 of us, thus he ordered a fish. I forgot what's d fish name, but the chef recommended 1 become 4 types of fish! other word 1 fish cook into 4 difference style. Awesome? :P

Overall, the dinner was awesome. But seriously costly -_-..oh well, special occasion and once in a while ok i guess.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Earth Hour : Battle of the Bands hits Sunway!

Recently been quite into few event related with bands and i must said, i quite enjoy it! Ok mayb because i been loving into music since i was young but no chance to pursuit into this least i m not as lucky as my sis. However i never regrets to open a path for my future with my own hand.

So how's everyone during Earth Hour? Did u did what u should as a human of Earth? did ya switch off ya light from 8.30pm to 9.30pm? if yes then good! if u miss it no worry, switch it off now XP..hahaha..

Anyway i am invited for the Battle of the Bands at Sunway last sat! It was my very first event i work as OP (official Photographer)! Yay! *mark this day in calender*..Unfortunately i din stay till d end of the event coz the weather if getting hot and i not feeling well.

Anyway do enjoy all the pics taken by me :D

Gladly present "We Need A Name" band! that consist a very strong female vocalist!

Followed up by "Mouse On Bikes" where only guys in a group!

The next band gonna be one of my favourite..oh well, because err..the female vocalist was a Chinese XP. "One Red Paperclip" awesomeness!

Around 8pm, the competition was put on hold. For what? Well i hope u havent forget! It was Earth Hour time! All of us proceed to Sunway Pyramid main entrance to begin the Earth Hour countdown! Together with Leo the Lion and few celebrities.

The Battle of the Bands resumed on 9.30pm after all the electricity recovered. The next band that performed was known as "Apple Sauce". Finally, a male vocalist! he kinda awesome and manage to attract alot attention from audiences.

I believe the Battle of the Bands continued until 11pm+ unfortunately i went back early. However i was informed that the winner was "Once Upon A Time There Was A Sausage Named Bob" ! Woohoo! Awesomeness! Hope i was there to witness the this band.

However i m fortunate enuf to enjoy the last band before i leave. What band? Well they are not competitor, they are special guest invited to perform! They are An Honest Mistake! FYI, on that day itself only i know Leonard was in the band. WTF! I know i fail T__T..sorry bro

That's the end of Battle of the Bands coverages by me. Would love to attend again if i m given chance next time! :D

Monday, March 29, 2010

Kamen Rider W/Double (Episode 28 : The D was Seen/Twin Maximum Suicide)

Kamen Rider Double Ep 28 1/3

Kamen Rider Double Ep 28 2/3

Kamen Rider Double Ep 28 3/3

Summary : After attempting a Twin Maximum Drive to defeat the Weather Dopant, Shotaro goes into a coma due to the strain on his body as Kamen Rider Double. Ryu tries to hunt down the Weather Dopant, regardless of the danger he places his life in so he can bring the murderer of his parents to justice. Philip attempts to find a way to save Lily from the effects of the Invisible Memory.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

HDR at Broga Hills

I am busy I am busy and BUSY! I feel like dying doing all my assignment. Is not to say alot assignment but spend alot time to do it. In addition brain cell not working well. Creativity refuse to lend me d power T__T..i got feeling i might skrew in one of the sub due to lack of creativity..sigh

Anyway, did a HDR shot at Broga Hills back to few weeks back when i went there wif friends.

Done it with 3 exposure and handheld. As usual, i guess i overpowered the details and color

anyway comment and critic is welcome as usual :)


Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Date Night

Well, I believe everyone will have at least one memorable date with the one they love regarding lover, family or couple. For me, my most memorable date would b with my gf this year where we are celebrating trio celebration; Chinese New Year, Valentine Day & 3rd Anniversary.

What had we did on that day? You may click here for more detail but to put it short here, we had a movie marathon plus awesome lunch and dinner! We hang out together from morning until night for the first time. We crazily watch 3 movie in 1 day for the first time! We watch Percy Jackson & The Lighting Thief, Wolfman and 72 Tenant of Prosperity at 1 Utama.

In addition, we had fantastic meal together. We went for Jack's Place for lunch and ordered Prosperity Set Lunch. For dinner, we went to Chilis (since i never brought her to there b4) and enjoy the meal there very much.

So that's would be my most memorable date. I gonna do more in future :). What about u? I know! Why not bring your date for "Date Night" movie? :D

Courtesy to Nuffnang, 90 Nuffnanger will invited to this movie! For more info click here!

Cheers :D

Friday, March 26, 2010

Just 1 Month and I Broke Up With Her...

I am happy spending time with you though just one month time. Now u r leaving me..i am sad..i am heartbroken. I no longer can see u everyday..I no longer can grab u with my arm...I no longer can touch you...I no longer can press you again and forever..

Farewell, my love..

Oh well, back to my Nokia N900..MUAHAHAHA!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider : Den-O Trilogy & W Extreme Form

I Believe everyone exciting with Den-O latest movie known as Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider : Den-O Trilogy which featured 3 episode known as Episode Red (Zeronos), Blue (NEW Den-O) and Yellow (Diend).

Here some synopsis for 3 Movie.

Episode Red: Zero no Star Twinkle
22 May
Revolves around Yuuto and Airi. Yuuto must connect a rail that becomes interrupted in the future. This can be seen as "Zeronos' Final Battle."

Episode Blue: The Dispatched Imagin is NEWtral
5 June
The Mantis Imagin steals a Rider Ticket at the Time Terminal, seriously injuring Ryoutarou in the process. Kotaro is called from the future help track down the Imagin and bring back the Rider Ticket. Owner talks to Teddy and tells him that it is time to complete the contract with Kotaro, who has become confused as to why Teddy accepted the orders so fast. Kotaro teams up with Ryoutarou's partner Imagin, Kintaros and Urataros, to solve the case. The two Imagin are surprised by the new aggressive style of fighting coming from Kotaro, who has become angry and depressed for being abandoned by Teddy.

Episode Yellow: Treasure De End Pirates
19 June
An Extra-Chapter of sorts. To be viewed as a true Cho Den-O sequel. The Den-O characters must team up with Diend in an effort to get Ryotaro back to where they came from. The "Rider who misinterprets time" (G Den-O) appears. When the great battle begins, the other riders from Decade and from Double appear to help. This episode also features Kamen Rider DiEnd Complete Form.

Kurosaki Reiji/G Den-O
Kamen Rider G Den-O is part of a time police force called the "G-Men", the Imagin on his chest is actually an artificial Imagin. "Humans cannot be trusted" is his personal belief.

Cant wait Zeronos back in action! He is freaking awesome rider! :D..sadly no W or Accel..LOL


And here some long await scan for everyone! Kamen Rider W Extreme Form!

Extreme Form look freaking cool! But i still prefer Cyclone Joker form XP..or Fang Joker..cant wait it appear :D

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kamen Rider W/Double (Episode 27 : The D was Seen/The Transparent Magical Lady)

Kamen Rider Double Ep 27 1/3

Kamen Rider Double Ep 27 2/3

Kamen Rider Double Ep 27 3/3

Summary : While at a dinner theatre, Shotaro, Philip, Akiko, and Ryu enjoy each other's company when the great magician Frank Shirogane takes the stage, along with his bumbling granddaughter Lily. Frank prepares Lily to perform his most famous trick: the disappearance. Lily is lowered into a glass box and a cloak is put over the box. After a count, the cloak is removed and Lily is gone. Later at the Narumi Agency, Philip shows off the newest Memory Gadget he received from Shroud: the Denden Sensor. He explains how it can detect light from any spectrum and when there is a change it sets off an alarm, which it shortly does. Shotaro notices the door open and when he gets up, he is knocked over by an unknown force revealed to by Lily Shirogane. She soon explains that she is able to become invisible because she is actually a Dopant, and she was given the GaiaMemory by a man with a hat and umbrella. Philip is not sure how the Invisible Memory is doing this, as such powers only manifest after transforming. Lily asks them to help her return to normal, and Shotaro decides that they must find the man who gave her the GaiaMemory in the first place. At the Sonozaki Mansion, after Saeko leaves again, Wakana complains that she is always going to the Isaka Clinic, just before she shatters a teacup in her hands. Ryubee correctly assumes that it is because of a GaiaMemory but the Gaia Driver should take care of that, just before Wakana mentions that Dr. Isaka took a look at her Gaia Driver, a fact that Ryubee finds troubling. Shotaro, Lily, and Akiko using the Denden Sensor's Goggle Mode to keep track of Lily go out to find the man who gave Lily the GaiaMemory. They eventually track him down to a restaurant where he plays piano until Ryu intervenes and Lily becomes visible once more. Ryu attempts to arrest her, but Shotaro reminds Ryu that they have to find the dealer first. They arrive at the restaurant and Ryu walks up to the pianist and shows his badge, when the pianist recalls the name Terui: the name of the man he murdered one year ago. Ryu realizes that the pianist is the user of the W memory and he soon uses it to become the Weather Dopant, but not before Akiko takes some photos. He escapes but Shotaro transforms and gives chase. However, Kamen Rider Double is outmatched by the Weather Dopant. Shotaro believes that he must use two Maximum Drives to defeat him, but Philip says that a Twin Maximum should never be attempted. Accel arrives to deliver what he believes is a finishing blow until Lily gets in the way, asking the Weather Dopant to fix her GaiaMemory. Both escape. Philip explains how the Weather Memory allows its user to control all aspects of weather and how its unpredictability makes its user extremely dangerous. Ryu does not care, as all he wants is to kill the man. Shotaro goes after him, and Philip reminds him that he has to look after himself and Ryu. At the FPD, Ryu gets Isaka's name and some more information on the Shirogane family: how Frank's son and daughter-in-law died in a car crash and Frank was left to raise Lily to follow in his footsteps. While trying to find the man with the W Memory, Shotaro and Akiko come across Santa-chan in a leg cast and this makes Akiko realize that the pianist is the doctor at the clinic that they brought Yukiho to: the Isaka Clinic. At the clinic, Isaka examines Lily's body and manages to stabilize the Invisible Memory, allowing Lily to control her invisibility. However, Ryu arrives demanding to fight Isaka, who laments that he can no longer be a doctor, taunting Ryu that he knows his name because of the murder. Shotaro arrives to find Accel fighting the Weather Dopant and transforms, but Accel wants no one in his way. The Weather Dopant explains that he chose the Weather Memory for its multiple powers, and how he has discovered how to absorb other GaiaMemories' abilities, claiming he will be able to become invisible as soon as the Invisible Memory uses up Lily's life force. Enraged, Accel attacks him as Bike Form but the Weather Dopant easily defeats him and ends the transformation, saying how the refined Accel Memory could never defeat him. He prepares to use his freezing powers on Ryu until Double HeatTrigger prepares the Trigger Maximum Drive and Shotaro prepares to use the Heat Memory for the Twin Maximum, despite Philip's protests. Pushing his arm out of the way, Shotaro activates the second Maximum Drive as he is overloaded by the powers of both GaiaMemories.

Monday, March 22, 2010

2nd Putrjaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2010

I attended this event on Saturday. And this was my most FML experience. Brought along my DSLR and hoping to get some nice shot. Ended up..i left my memory card at home..serious FML T__T...Thus, all pics below taken wif my Nokia N900..

A lesson for me to learn..keep extra memory card in my cam bag :(

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hennessy Artistry : The Opera Edition

Oh yea! The first Hennessy Artistry of the year 2010! It was held at the opera on 9pm. Courtesy to Jeremy & Helenness for the passes :)

Eventhough the event was held at The Opera, but the response is overwhelming! People dun bother the location as long as they get to enjoy the party (FYI, Opera is kinda small but it built up to 3 floors level)!

* Hennessy Artistry! *

* Yea thats me! with short hair..FML *

* Everyone can play the Digital DJ thingy! Cool yo! *

* The crowd on lower ground that night *

Before the event start, some acrobats stun performed! It was awesome :D

As the poster shown above, we got Bunk Face, Shawn Lee, DJV G Mix & DJ Sarasa on the night.

As i mention before, the event is cool but not awesome yet. Looking forward for more exciting HA event as v all been informed there gonna b 6 HA event in this year (5 more to go). I hope they have the grant 1 like last year :). In addition, dun reli get to drink much..the free flow ran out on 11pm..T__T

* Pic with my guest of the night, Victoria ABC *

Looking forward for the next HA event :D