Thursday, March 18, 2010

Broga Hills Sunrise Challenge!

Yes i went to Broga Hills again for the 2nd time! the first time mission was totally EPIC fail! *Click here for my first time explored Broga Hills* I went there together with Xiang, Alex, Jacq, Samantha & Mel. Well, this thing happens 2 hours after i am back from Snowflake Dessert that day. We reached Broga Hills around 5.15am and begin our trekking. Reach the top around 6+ and the sky still dark. When the sun begin to rise, v totally FOL coz the cloud block the sun..

* On the first peak *

Well, finally i am at the peak of Broga Hills. Unfortunately alot ppl around and hardly get nice position for myself to shoot. Shoot few and filter out fews that i like it :)

* So hazy *

* Taken with my N900 quickpanorama. Quality sucks coz it save as VGA *

* Use direct flash and..the shadow is my lens hood i guess..kinda spoil it :( *

* The second peak *

* I know i seldom do black & white *

Comment and critic as usual. I would like to go there again for sunset challenge!

* group pic *


Carrie said...

not bad..... ganbate ya!

alantanblog said...

Nice photo! & I hope you love the Broga Hill hike :-)

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sirei said...

haha, my 1st trip to broga hill was also an epic fail..
gonna plan another trip to there.
really nice photos :)

Jackie Loi said...

@carrie thx :D

@alan haha love hike..if my body more built up >,<

@sirei LOL dun worry my 1st time also epic fail..totally use wrong road XD..thx for d comment :)