Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Earth Hour : Battle of the Bands hits Sunway!

Recently been quite into few event related with bands and i must said, i quite enjoy it! Ok mayb because i been loving into music since i was young but no chance to pursuit into this dream..at least i m not as lucky as my sis. However i never regrets to open a path for my future with my own hand.

So how's everyone during Earth Hour? Did u did what u should as a human of Earth? did ya switch off ya light from 8.30pm to 9.30pm? if yes then good! if u miss it no worry, switch it off now XP..hahaha..

Anyway i am invited for the Battle of the Bands at Sunway last sat! It was my very first event i work as OP (official Photographer)! Yay! *mark this day in calender*..Unfortunately i din stay till d end of the event coz the weather if getting hot and i not feeling well.

Anyway do enjoy all the pics taken by me :D

Gladly present "We Need A Name" band! that consist a very strong female vocalist!

Followed up by "Mouse On Bikes" where only guys in a group!

The next band gonna be one of my favourite..oh well, because err..the female vocalist was a Chinese XP. "One Red Paperclip" awesomeness!

Around 8pm, the competition was put on hold. For what? Well i hope u havent forget! It was Earth Hour time! All of us proceed to Sunway Pyramid main entrance to begin the Earth Hour countdown! Together with Leo the Lion and few celebrities.

The Battle of the Bands resumed on 9.30pm after all the electricity recovered. The next band that performed was known as "Apple Sauce". Finally, a male vocalist! he kinda awesome and manage to attract alot attention from audiences.

I believe the Battle of the Bands continued until 11pm+ unfortunately i went back early. However i was informed that the winner was "Once Upon A Time There Was A Sausage Named Bob" ! Woohoo! Awesomeness! Hope i was there to witness the this band.

However i m fortunate enuf to enjoy the last band before i leave. What band? Well they are not competitor, they are special guest invited to perform! They are An Honest Mistake! FYI, on that day itself only i know Leonard was in the band. WTF! I know i fail T__T..sorry bro

That's the end of Battle of the Bands coverages by me. Would love to attend again if i m given chance next time! :D


MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Awww..hope u r feeling better now ya!

Jackie Loi said...

haha no worry! steel body here! wun die so fast XP