Thursday, March 04, 2010

Happy Chap Goh Mei

Did anyone of you went to throw orange to lake or whatever wishing well during Chap Goh Mei? or you guys more advance adi, instead throwing orange u guys throw olang (orang, person) terus? XD

Anyway i believe all of u notice the moon is kinda big than usual on that day. However as d time passing by d moon is getting further from earth (ok i saw d moon getting smaller on 12am..LOL). I grab d opportunity to shoot d moon nearby my house tat day.

* On tripod : 50mm focal length, 30s exposure, f10 and ISO 100 *

Somehow if i got zoom or telephoto lens i'll b happy wif d result..LOL

ok i admit this post is random. I am busy with assign again and stress. 1 storyboard, 1 matte painting, 1 competition and 1 3D modeling to be submit soon...