Monday, March 15, 2010

Hennessy Loh Mee at Air Panas Hawker Center

Have you heard of Hennessy Loh Mee? I assuming it actually same with "Sik Jao Loh Mee" in cantonese. It was exact the same taste i had the 1 at Wei Sun Restaurant. Oh well, mayb this 1 taste better than Wei Sun because the quality of Sik Jao Loh Mee have drop due to difference chef.

Went to have lunch at Air Panas Hawker Center with Alex, Jacq & Samantha on last sat. They wanted to try out this Loh Mee. Been staying and loitering around Air Panas for almost 19 years but i never know the Hawker Center got this kind of Loh Mee style. I assuming it was just started.

* If u dunno which store, look for Hennessy box! *

Surprisingly their business is better than last time when i came (FYI, i alwiz eat at this area when i still study secondary). I guess their secret recipe did make success. Without hesitating, we ordered 2 types of mee and 2 dishes.

* Hennessy Loh Mee *

* Vermicelli in Wine Soup with Prawns and Fish slices *

* Yau Mak *

* Pork with Ginger and Spring Onions *

Well, their Hennessy Loh Mee is awesome! Can really taste alcohol (ok i not sure is it hennessy taste XD) in the mee. I din eat much the Vermicelli in Wine Soup with Prawns and Fish slices because they put "heong choy" inside there. The only vegie that i hate to eat. Din get to try the Yau Mak coz finish sapu by Jacq & Samantha. Finally the Pork with Ginger and Spring Onions taste kinda normal for me, nth special.

Beside this 4 dishes, i ordered Ais Kacang as well. Been long time since i had one for myself. Eventhough is a kiamsiaping season for me now, but once in a while i think i need to pamper myself with food (FYI, nowday i seldom eat lunch due to class hour in uni)..LOL

* Ais Kacang! RM2.80 for this portion *

Overall the food is still acceptable and is cheap! Sum of 4 dishes RM51 only (exclude drinks). Will come again with friends next time :)