Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kamen Rider W/Double (Episode 27 : The D was Seen/The Transparent Magical Lady)

Kamen Rider Double Ep 27 1/3

Kamen Rider Double Ep 27 2/3

Kamen Rider Double Ep 27 3/3

Summary : While at a dinner theatre, Shotaro, Philip, Akiko, and Ryu enjoy each other's company when the great magician Frank Shirogane takes the stage, along with his bumbling granddaughter Lily. Frank prepares Lily to perform his most famous trick: the disappearance. Lily is lowered into a glass box and a cloak is put over the box. After a count, the cloak is removed and Lily is gone. Later at the Narumi Agency, Philip shows off the newest Memory Gadget he received from Shroud: the Denden Sensor. He explains how it can detect light from any spectrum and when there is a change it sets off an alarm, which it shortly does. Shotaro notices the door open and when he gets up, he is knocked over by an unknown force revealed to by Lily Shirogane. She soon explains that she is able to become invisible because she is actually a Dopant, and she was given the GaiaMemory by a man with a hat and umbrella. Philip is not sure how the Invisible Memory is doing this, as such powers only manifest after transforming. Lily asks them to help her return to normal, and Shotaro decides that they must find the man who gave her the GaiaMemory in the first place. At the Sonozaki Mansion, after Saeko leaves again, Wakana complains that she is always going to the Isaka Clinic, just before she shatters a teacup in her hands. Ryubee correctly assumes that it is because of a GaiaMemory but the Gaia Driver should take care of that, just before Wakana mentions that Dr. Isaka took a look at her Gaia Driver, a fact that Ryubee finds troubling. Shotaro, Lily, and Akiko using the Denden Sensor's Goggle Mode to keep track of Lily go out to find the man who gave Lily the GaiaMemory. They eventually track him down to a restaurant where he plays piano until Ryu intervenes and Lily becomes visible once more. Ryu attempts to arrest her, but Shotaro reminds Ryu that they have to find the dealer first. They arrive at the restaurant and Ryu walks up to the pianist and shows his badge, when the pianist recalls the name Terui: the name of the man he murdered one year ago. Ryu realizes that the pianist is the user of the W memory and he soon uses it to become the Weather Dopant, but not before Akiko takes some photos. He escapes but Shotaro transforms and gives chase. However, Kamen Rider Double is outmatched by the Weather Dopant. Shotaro believes that he must use two Maximum Drives to defeat him, but Philip says that a Twin Maximum should never be attempted. Accel arrives to deliver what he believes is a finishing blow until Lily gets in the way, asking the Weather Dopant to fix her GaiaMemory. Both escape. Philip explains how the Weather Memory allows its user to control all aspects of weather and how its unpredictability makes its user extremely dangerous. Ryu does not care, as all he wants is to kill the man. Shotaro goes after him, and Philip reminds him that he has to look after himself and Ryu. At the FPD, Ryu gets Isaka's name and some more information on the Shirogane family: how Frank's son and daughter-in-law died in a car crash and Frank was left to raise Lily to follow in his footsteps. While trying to find the man with the W Memory, Shotaro and Akiko come across Santa-chan in a leg cast and this makes Akiko realize that the pianist is the doctor at the clinic that they brought Yukiho to: the Isaka Clinic. At the clinic, Isaka examines Lily's body and manages to stabilize the Invisible Memory, allowing Lily to control her invisibility. However, Ryu arrives demanding to fight Isaka, who laments that he can no longer be a doctor, taunting Ryu that he knows his name because of the murder. Shotaro arrives to find Accel fighting the Weather Dopant and transforms, but Accel wants no one in his way. The Weather Dopant explains that he chose the Weather Memory for its multiple powers, and how he has discovered how to absorb other GaiaMemories' abilities, claiming he will be able to become invisible as soon as the Invisible Memory uses up Lily's life force. Enraged, Accel attacks him as Bike Form but the Weather Dopant easily defeats him and ends the transformation, saying how the refined Accel Memory could never defeat him. He prepares to use his freezing powers on Ryu until Double HeatTrigger prepares the Trigger Maximum Drive and Shotaro prepares to use the Heat Memory for the Twin Maximum, despite Philip's protests. Pushing his arm out of the way, Shotaro activates the second Maximum Drive as he is overloaded by the powers of both GaiaMemories.