Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider : Den-O Trilogy & W Extreme Form

I Believe everyone exciting with Den-O latest movie known as Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider : Den-O Trilogy which featured 3 episode known as Episode Red (Zeronos), Blue (NEW Den-O) and Yellow (Diend).

Here some synopsis for 3 Movie.

Episode Red: Zero no Star Twinkle
22 May
Revolves around Yuuto and Airi. Yuuto must connect a rail that becomes interrupted in the future. This can be seen as "Zeronos' Final Battle."

Episode Blue: The Dispatched Imagin is NEWtral
5 June
The Mantis Imagin steals a Rider Ticket at the Time Terminal, seriously injuring Ryoutarou in the process. Kotaro is called from the future help track down the Imagin and bring back the Rider Ticket. Owner talks to Teddy and tells him that it is time to complete the contract with Kotaro, who has become confused as to why Teddy accepted the orders so fast. Kotaro teams up with Ryoutarou's partner Imagin, Kintaros and Urataros, to solve the case. The two Imagin are surprised by the new aggressive style of fighting coming from Kotaro, who has become angry and depressed for being abandoned by Teddy.

Episode Yellow: Treasure De End Pirates
19 June
An Extra-Chapter of sorts. To be viewed as a true Cho Den-O sequel. The Den-O characters must team up with Diend in an effort to get Ryotaro back to where they came from. The "Rider who misinterprets time" (G Den-O) appears. When the great battle begins, the other riders from Decade and from Double appear to help. This episode also features Kamen Rider DiEnd Complete Form.

Kurosaki Reiji/G Den-O
Kamen Rider G Den-O is part of a time police force called the "G-Men", the Imagin on his chest is actually an artificial Imagin. "Humans cannot be trusted" is his personal belief.

Cant wait Zeronos back in action! He is freaking awesome rider! :D..sadly no W or Accel..LOL


And here some long await scan for everyone! Kamen Rider W Extreme Form!

Extreme Form look freaking cool! But i still prefer Cyclone Joker form XP..or Fang Joker..cant wait it appear :D