Thursday, April 08, 2010

At the End of Daybreak <心魔> Movie

Watch At The End of Daybreak <心魔> with Ee on Tuesday at Mid Valley. This is an international movie and only availble in MV from 1st to 7th april. Well, reason being why i wanna watch this movie is because one of the main actress is acted by our local OneFM dj, Jane. She won the new actress award in HK for this movie :)

The film begins with a graphic scene foreshadowing the ill-fated destiny of Ho’s desperate characters. The protagonist is twenty-three-year-old Tuck Chai (Chui Tien You), who lives with his overprotective and alcoholic mother (Wai Ying Hong). Neither intelligent nor ambitious, he works at his mother’s store and hangs out with his equally aimless friends. Tuck Chai is secretly seeing Ying (Ng Meng Hui), a teen who is still at school. The wealthier of the two, Ying is a carefree young girl with no real moral compass – she casually lies, gossips and steals, despite being raised by strict parents. But when birth control is found in her room, she is revealed to be just fifteen, and Tuck Chai is threatened with statutory rape. Thus begins the blackmail and deceit that ultimately spiral out of control.

Gone are the long shots and longer takes synonymous with Ho’s earlier works. His shots are now closer and have more immediacy, even though the director still views his characters from an objective distance. Indeed, one of the film’s most effective scenes is a montage that uses music and clever cutting to delve into Ying’s psyche. But the most emotionally charged moments come from the mother-son interdependency, helped immensely by a commanding performance from Shaw Brothers veteran Wai Ying Hong, also known as Kara Hui. Her character’s genuine love for Tuck Chai and her subsequent desperation when things go wrong make this tale all the more heartbreaking.

I would say this movie is very abstract. Even most of the camera angle used was very abstract and required audiences to have a deep thought. The movie is mix wif HK and local actor. The main actor is 1 of the SHINE group member (forgot his name). The movie is not bad itself eventhough is abstract. Just use a little bit of ur brain u'll know what this movie about. However i dislike the ending of this movie. Is unexplainable.

* Thats the ending part.. *

* And i couldn't recorgnize thats Jane! *

And guess what? Yasmin Ahmad made a cameo appearance in this movie :D..awesomeness!!