Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair

This would be Malaysia (or mayb whole world?) largest blogger gathering in history! can u imagine a single location can allocated 516 (more or less) bloggers under one roof? Seriously is awesome and thumb up to Nuffnang for this event!

* Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair *

The event take place at Time Square from 10am to 5pm. Registration start sharp on 10am and the place was packed wif bloggers! This event was recorded in Malaysia Book of Records as well for being the largest blogger gathering. In addition, there was special crew from TV9 as well.

* Registration *

* Taking pic for Malaysia Book of Records *

* The fan explain all :) *

For the 7 hours none stop, all can enjoys the various game prepares by Gatsby. Like funfair, if u score/win the game, u actually can get urself points to exchange with prize at the counter. For eg here are some of the exciting games :

* Flash game *

* Gladiator war or whatever it call *

* Spray toss *

* F1? *

* Slam Dunk *

* and Wendy playing fishing deodorant..LOL *

Too bad, most of the game require eyes power. As usual, i wun wear my spec unless under driving or watch movie circumstance. Thus i dun reli get to play much most of the game coz i gonna miss the target without fail..hahaha..but still, i m enjoying knowing some new blogger who i never met b4.

* Fiona & Wendy *

* Sophia who alwiz stalk me in uni..LOL *

* Yen *

There was a lucky draw as well and divided into 2 session which was 2.30pm and 5pm. Each session will draw 10 lucky winner for fabulous prize. Among the prize are Garmin GPS, Canon Digital Camera Ixus, Laptop, Netbook, Blackberry Bold 2, Wii and etc. So damn tempted rite? :D

* Lucky Draw time *

* Mr President picking up winner in twister box *

* Forgot his name. A very funny emcee indeed! *

Yea the event was awesome! the on bad thing was...my name wasn't call for d lucky draw! hmmp! guess fate doesnt bound me together with the prize :(. However, i dun even need to pay afford to play the games but manage to exchange some prize from counter XP.

* My prize. Thx to Sophia & Shaz *

No doubt, this is one of the best event so far for this year! Hope more to come in future :D


fiona06 said...

finally remember my name! LOL

seems like you have enough suppy of bleach to dye your hair for the year.

Jackie Loi said...

ehhh i do remember ur face actually..but forgot ur name..paiseh XD..

yea wei my hair product supply enuf for 1~2 years..hahaha

Aidi-Safuan said...

haha...borong2 gatsby la. :)

Jackie Loi said...

maksudmu mau saya supply kepada awak? :P