Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ip Man 2 Premier Screening

Date : 27 April 2010
Time : 8.30pm
Venue : GSC, Pavillion

Courtesy to Nuffnang, i get to watch Ip Man 2 yesterday!

After his victory over the Japanese General in Foshan, Ip Man (Donnie Yen) moves to Hong Kong. He sets up a martial arts school to teach Wing Chun. Here, he is challenged by other kung fu masters, including Sifu Hung (Sammo Hung) who masters in Hung Quan. Sifu Hung and Ip Man draw a tie in their challenge and the latter is adored as a recognized master in Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, Twister, the powerful but cruel boxer champion who despised Chinese kung fu destroyed the fruit market and harassed the kung fu institutes. Twister, who also resulted in Sifu Hung’s death, then challenged the Chinese kung fu masters for a public combat. Ip was filled with grief and indignation and he decided to take up the challenge. He swore to claim back the dignity of Chinese kung fu and the Chinese people. A furious fight is about to begin...

I never watch Ip Man the 1st wan. Thus, i cant compare which is better. As my personal opinion, the movie story was good. The only things i dun like was lack of character development. Perhap they adi developed it at 1st and ignore it at here? Nevertheless, i love the action in this movie. I heard it was real fighting and yea! Damn nice especially the fat san mou yeng sao tat attack in high agile! :p

There are 3 scene i enjoy most which are :

* Donnie Yen VS Sammo Hung *

* Donnie Yen VS Hung Fist Gangster *

* Donnie Yen VS Twister *

Anyway, do catch up this movie if u r ip man fans! or mayb bruce lee fans? :P

* I am Bruce Lee! *