Monday, April 12, 2010

Just Want to Yumcha only

Ok basically this whole entry is about yumcha yumcha and YAM CHAK (pervert) LOL...last thurs went to SS2 dinner and supper with my YC gang. Well, FYI among us, Finally Yvonne came out to work! woahh the youngest (except sooyan who not from same year) among us but the earliest went out to work! In addition, Frank finally show us his gf, Yen.

* Frank & his gf *

* My usually Yumcha gang! *

Had dinner at Island Cafe at SS2. I get my dinner earlier at home coz i cant wait too long for dinner, gastric till cry later. Thus i just ate some light food at there. Ordered Aloha Sandwich which look like pizza..LOLLL

* Aloha Sandwich *

Later we move for supper at KTZ. Well, since the girl went out work adi and got her first salary, she agreed to treat us the supper! woops! nice :D

* HoneyDew-LOH! *

Well, as usual the chatting was relaxing and cause me totally forgotten all my pressure. It was fun hang out wif friends once in a while. Yvonne was talking about her working experience and how tiring she + OT every night (kenot claim lagi tu). I wonder my future will b worst than her onot..mayb for me everyday, everytime, every hour, every min or even every second is working! mayb go toilet shit also no time..muahaha

* Girl just born to be camwhorer *

* Twitter my best friend too :D *

On fri night, another sudden and random yumcha session with Alex, Jacq & Sam at genting klang Mc D. Dun recall when d last time i went to Mc D

* Jacq & Sam *

But anyway, i been yumcha for 3 weeks in a row! I mean..almost every friday also yumcha..hahaa...last fri yumcha at AC coz Josh & Mike was in KL. And Mike did some stu funny random video, using Ken newly bought Nikon D90! I also wan!! :(

Jack Neo Saga? No~! Is others :P


May said...

I have not been seeing my Wai Loon for so long d (2 weeks+). Seeing tht 1 pic of him here made me realised I miss him so damn much. Sobs.

And I missed the chance to see Frank's girlfriend!

Jackie Loi said...

geez i din see my gf for dunno how many month i also belum mati -_-..sad what la aiyoo
nvm next time yumcha session ask him bring again give u c XD

May said...

because im not used to it ma...sobs. some more now so cham. of coz i want someone to pamper har to 'teh' har ma. bleks!

Jackie Loi said...

alah later in future how u guys gonna come out work la? -_-..LOL