Friday, April 16, 2010

My Nokia N900 Desktop Design and eSpeakCaller Application

I haven been using Nokia N900 for almost 3 months. It was the best phone i ever use! Recently i have designed new wallpaper for my Nokia N900 4 desktop. Yay! Screw Iphone! My N900 was better! XP

This is my main desktop in N900. It contain short key for SMS, Call and Contact Book. And a RAM monitored widget. Of coz wif my lansi pic as well XP

on 2nd desktop, i focus most for networking social shortcut and apps such as web browser, twitter apps and etc.

3rd and 4th desktop onward is shortcut for my contact. Easy for me to scroll and dial without searching on phonebook. I only choose 4 to add and d extra space is use for decoration XP

I found this interesting video as well. A developer manage to create a Live Wallpapers for Nokia N900. Woops! Is kinda nice and creative! so yea, screw iphone! muahaha

In addition, just downloaded eSpeakCaller apps for my phone. This apps can spell the name of the person who calls us in several languages, different speeds, etc.

For me, i put "Henshin! I am (1st name, last name) looking for Jackie Loi" command. So whenever call me tats will appeared kinda funny..i dunno y..hahaha..just check out the video below to c how it work :P


Jacquelyn Ho said...

wee i see myself! *likes* XD

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

HAHAHA...SYiok Jac!!
N900 like very best wor!!

Jackie Loi said...

@jacq awesome lehhh ;P

@nicole yes come come buy..very worth ur penny XP