Saturday, April 10, 2010

Project Alpha Season 2 Launch!

I attended the Project Alpha 2 launch last wed. It was season 2 already yo! If you catch all episode of project alpha season 1, u definitely not gonna miss this season too! :D

Well, along with the launch, there will be Kick Ass movie screening as well. As i mentioned in my previous post, my guest of the night was she :P

* Cayenne and me *

In the event, Nuffnang prepared food for us too. Awesome! i can save money for my dinner :P. In addition, they was having mini-makeover from official cosmetics sponsor Rimmel. Awesome right? :D

* Foodddds *

* The 1st 50 bloggers who join the mini-makeover *

Somehow i wasn't in the mood to take pics tat night..i guess becoz too packed and sudden random emo dowan to take pic..hahaha..ok mayb 1 of the factor coz my new hair cut look sucks..:P

however in the end, only this 2 pics taken :P

* A group pic with Tim. He joke alot recently..:P *

* and lastly, pic wif friends :D *