Saturday, April 24, 2010

Yakiniku Strike Back! Round 2

I went to Yakiniku again on thurs with my friends. Tried to introduce them the pork at this shop and all of them gave thumb up! Besides pork, i am given a chance to try other types of BBQ and ala carte food as well.

* Friends who same uni wif me *

We do order bacon and pork meat. If u wanna know how its looks like, click HERE to go my previous entry about this shop. Anyway, some new items we ordered this time were :

* Chicken Drumstick Fillet *

* Tom Yam Seafood Ramen *

* Korean Kimuchi Fried Rice *

We do ordered mushroom and corn as well. Too bad b4 i manage shoot d pics they been cooked and served right into their stomach XP.

* See the table were full wif d foods :D :D *

Anyway have a great outing wif them! Spend my very first 12 hours of hols wif them.

* Group pic *