Saturday, May 22, 2010

600th post SPECIAL EDITION : Birthday Video for Samuel

Woops! it is my 600th blog post, is time for special edition post again! This time this post was specially dedicated to Samuel who born on 22nd May, 20 years ago. This video is a compilation from all his friends who willing to made a video and wishes him :)

It have been more than a year since i knew him from blogger sphere. I still remember the first time i met him face to face was during LG Blog Launch last year. That time i still dunno who is him but, can consider as first encounter la rite :P

i rarely did video editing but since this sem i am taking a subject tat evolving video editing, so i cant find a reason y i dun volunteer myself to do it. Since i need polished my skill in video editing using adobe software, Premiere Pro and After Effect. This is just a simple cut and paste video without fancy effect.

Anyway, do enjoy the video and Happy Birthday Sam!

p/s note that i done alot spelling mistake in d video especially to Jeffro surname..i am very very sorry dude!


Cayenne said...

happy birthday samuel! =) ok wish wrong place. XD

Jackie Loi said...

totally wrong! hahaha..if wish me nvm la XD

Seraph said...

thx a lot jackie=)

Jackie Loi said...

u r welcome sam :)