Saturday, May 15, 2010

Broga Hills Sunrise Challenge Again!

From my previous post, i mentioned that i went to Broga Hills again with my uni friends for sunrise. Unfortunately that day v unable to view a beautiful sunrise due to too many cloud.

* Bala, Joe, Nicol & me *

Some Broga Hills landscape photography done by me. But not really satisfy wif it.

* The rising of the sun *

* jeng jeng jeng *

* the third peak *

* and the wind blowing *

Did some experiment with my friends as well by treating them as still life object and fill them with light source, torch light. Well there is still blur coz of movement anyway..

* 30s exposure *

* 15s exposure *

The pics below are all random and crazy pics.

* Bala been bullied by us *

* Triangle formation *

* Jump shot *

I guess i gonna challenge sunset for the next time!


nicol said...

haha...^^ nice nice...^^ but bala portrait photo eye had half closed...hahaha..^^

Jackie Loi said...

lol he purposely pose tat for me 1