Wednesday, May 26, 2010

i-City with the Love One

I believe i-City is not a stranger name to everyone. Well, if yes than u reli need go to add this place into ur dictionary! It was a place/park near Shah Alam that all tree are decorated with light. Yes, same like light saber from star war! XD..ok i juz jk

I went there wif my angel few weeks ago, of coz join by Alex and Jacq who show me d road to there. Well, from my observation it was a perfect spot for every1 who wanna paktor there. Mostly couple are there..of coz there are some family as well. For me, my main purposes was take pics at there while paktor wif my angel of coz :P

Below are some of my shots from i-City, comment are alwiz welcome.

And below are some of my pics wif my angel :)