Monday, May 31, 2010

Kamen Rider W/Double (Episode 37 : Client X/The Bridge of Promises)

Kamen Rider Double Ep 37 1/3

Kamen Rider Double Ep 37 2/3

Kamen Rider Double Ep 37 3/3

Summary : Nagi encounters Isaka, who confronts her regarding the growth of her Living Connector. Double shortly interferes and drives Isaka away. Elsewhere, Shroud gives Terui the Trial Memory, which allows Ryu to transform into Kamen Rider Accel Trial. After being rescued by Kamen Rider Double, Nagi is brought to the Narumi Detective Agency where Philip inspects her Living Connector. Nagi then realizes that she has lost Ryu's necklace, but Shotaro does not let her leave. Shroud detonates several bombs to create a rockslide to test Accel Trial's abilities. During the test, Accel Trial is unable to perform his Maximum Drive within the given time, causing the Trial Memory to electrocute Ryu and cancel his transformation. Shroud then points this out to Ryu and tells him to train to do the Maximum Drive within 10 seconds. At the Sonozaki estate, Saeko is grooming Isaka when Ryubee and Wakana enter. After Isaka expresses his desire to take the Terror Memory, Ryubee transforms to the Terror Dopant and Saeko as the Taboo Dopant interferes on behalf of Isaka, escaping after distracting Ryubee. To train Ryu in using the Trial Memory, Shroud connects the Trial Memory to an offroad motorcycle which Terui must ride through a motocross track within 10 seconds. Ryu attempts several times, each time finishing just over 10 seconds, causing the Trial Memory to electrocute him. Eventually, he succumbs to the stress, causing Akiko to call Shotaro for help. With Shotaro distracted, Nagi leaves to find Ryu's missing necklace. At the Digal Corporation, Wakana confronts Saeko for her behavior, causing Saeko to transform to the Taboo Dopant and attack Wakana. Cornering Wakana, Taboo Dopant moves in to kill her until the Smilodon Dopant appears and saves Wakana. Elsewhere, Nagi finds Ryu's necklace, but is herself found by Isaka who abducts her. Remembering his sister giving him the necklace, Ryu regains consciousness and receives a call from Isaka regarding Nagi. Determined, Ryu goes through the course one more time, with Shroud telling him he finally has finished under 10 seconds. Shroud then gives Ryu the Trial Memory and drops the stopwatch she used. Akiko picks it up to find that he has really finished in under 11 seconds. Ryu confronts Isaka, both of them transforming to Kamen Rider Accel and the Weather Dopant, respectively. During the fight, Accel transforms into Accel Trial and proves to be a match to the Weather Dopant. Shotaro, Philip, and Akiko arrive with Akiko telling Accel about Shroud's lie. Regardless, Accel Trial successfully performs his Maximum Drive with just two tenths of a second to spare, successfully performing a Memory Break on the Weather Dopant. This also ejects the Quetzalcoatlus Memory from Isaka which Accel Trial destroys, causing Nagi's Living Connector to disappear. Isaka curses them for their interference, and then his body becomes covered with Living Connectors before shortly dissolving away, shocking Saeko, and pleasing Shroud. With everything solved, Nagi returns to the Bird Sanctuary as a guide where her audience of children surround Shotaro, and eventually Ryu.