Saturday, May 08, 2010

Nikon Centre at Time Square

Warning : This is random and lifeless blog post. PLs press alt + f4 if u wanna exit. Bye!

Tmrw will b official 1 years since i owned my Baby KonKon. Since it was still under warranty today, i went to Tiem Square Nikon Centre for cleaning. It cost RM20 eventhough still under warranty..sigh..but the felor told me without warranty it cost RM60..oh time for me to get a cleaning set and learn how to clean -_-

* Nikon Centre was located on 1st floor of BTS *

They told me only need 1 hour for cleaning which i think is quite fast compare to nikon centre at damansara tat took few days. However they called me and ask me collect my camera after 30 min. Which reli surprise me with their efficiency :D

In addition, got myself Kamen Rider W DG (Digital Grade) Figure. It was Fang Metal form :D

* W Fang Joker form *

* Close up *

Wee love W series so much! One of my favourite rider design n concept after Faiz :D