Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ninja Joe produce Pork Burger!

As u know, i am a pork lover! but not until the stage i'll die and cry for pork. However after reading some review from mr google, i decided to brought my gf to Tropicana Citymall to meet Ninja Joe.

* Ninja Joe! *

Ninja Joe was located near the carrefour front entrance. It was not a big restaurant but, they produce great food! and the only food they produce is none other than PORK! you hear me right, they are selling Pork Burger only! and also Pork Nugget which i havent try yet :P

* The interior *

Eventhough they only sell Pork Burger, but they offer a variety types of flavor for the burger. Ninja Joe offers burger with 6 different flavors which are Original, Teriyaki, Black Pepper, Oriental, Sweet & Sour & Spicy.

However the burger will b quite small size, but if u r big eater like me, get Big Boss burger. You can add cheese and egg wif addition RM1 each for this Big Boss. Cool rite?

* Big Boss *

* Big Boss Pork Burger + Cheese + Egg = RM9.90*

So what u waiting for? if u r pork lover u r not gonna miss this rite? :D..anyway my next mission is hunt for a ramli burger tat sell pork burger. Any1 know where and can recommend me ? :D

p/s : Good News, if your name is Joe. They give you RM1.00 rebate and that why it said “It’s cool to be Joe”. Well, it was reli cool to joseph XP


Anonymous said...

cool.. seems like more places are selling pork burger now.. I've yet to find the best.. :D

` Yi Han said...

I miss the pork burger i had in china kfc!! XD

Jackie Loi said...

@shirleen more place? where is d other place in kl? i wanna know :D :D

@yihan tapao 1 for me next time :D :D