Saturday, May 01, 2010

Photograph JieYi the Pinkabell Part One

Went to model shooting with Mike & Ken again last Sunday. It have been almost half year since i press shutter together with them. The model was JieYi, a friend of mine that knew from innit? nuffnang? or mayb twitter..haha..i dun remember

I know she is cute but as usual, comment are welcome :)


Anonymous said...

I need to comment based on my point of view:

- The picture it self look dying because of lagging story telling and mood to attract people in.

- Most of the picture can't portrait the beauty for the model. I suggest you to refer picture from professional model photographer for more research.

- The environment shown is too much

- Lag of principle apply to enhance the picture itself.

- I won't comment in term of outdoor lighting and environment because is something that "normal" person cannot control it.

Jackie Loi said...

noted and thx for d comment :D

Anonymous said...

My comment;

Messy background n the timing was bad. Normal people always can control the condition of the lighting, or else why not offer some fill up flash and portable reflectors to reflect the sun lights? If u dare enough to call yourself a photographer than u should know the ideal timing for photo shoot. If not better off use a digital camera or a hand phone camera to capture that girl. She is indeed a very pretty model but what u did, have already wasted her effort to dress up so nice and put on the make up for u.

CWKen said...

Walau eh, the way you comment, you're basically condemning all the new photographers who hoped to learn throught constructive comments and throw them all into icy cold prison.

If everybody think like you, might as well don't bother taking? I am sure when you first held a camera in your hands, you wouldn't have known everything? Please lar, not everybody can straight jump to a certain level la. You can never stop learning in photography.

Furthermore, if you dare to condemn people like this, you would dare to reveal yourself and show your photos as well. If your photos are good, your comments, albeit condemning, are at least credible. You would've at least earned a little respect from some, including me.

Jackie Loi said...

@annoynymus or whatever it call ;P

@cwken chill dude n thx ;)