Sunday, May 02, 2010

Photograph JieYi the Pinkabell Part Two

Part two photoshooting was conduct at difference location. Tats y i separate it to 2 parts :)

If you looking for part one, click here.

As usual, comment are welcome :)


Jeffro said...

Ooo JieYi from Apiit! Wootza, I didn't know she had a good figure =P hahaha.. But her picture lack the sharpness, and the white-backdrop is being too bright (could cause over-exposure)

I like the 1st among the 3 though =P hehehe... It's great to have goodlooking models eh? *grins*

Jackie Loi said...

heh yea she from armpit ;P..LOLL

yupz d bg is over expose, puroposely LOLLL..of coz it is great to have great looking model ;P