Wednesday, May 05, 2010

TGV Cinemas at Wangsa Walk

Still remember Wangsa Walk? Finally the TGV is ready for us! launched since last thursday. This place gonna be my most favorite cinema coz it was 15 min driving distance only from my house :D

I brought my gf to watch Iron Man 2 movie 2 days ago at here. We had a couple seat for this movie wif RM15 per person. If i not mistaken tats standard price rite? correct me if i m wrong.

From my own experience, the couple seat was pretty good and comfortable. I dunno how is normal seat but according to my friends, all said the seat was big and comfortable too unlike others TGV cinema in other shopping complex.

Not to mention it contain 9 halls in total. I not sure how big is their biggest hall but nevertheless, it doesnt matter rite? as long as u got to get ur favourite movie tics and sit on comfortable chair plus enjoy ur movie with popcorn.

I am looking forward Wangsa Walk develop into a successful shopping mall.


sirei said...

yeah! my favorite place too~
since it's only a 5 minute short walk to there from my college :D

Jackie Loi said...

ur college? tarc? LOL.since when u at kl? haha

sirei said...

apa lu lar... =___=
i've been in kl for 2 years liao lor~
my college is dasein art academy, bro

Jackie Loi said...

sorry girl i dunno maa..tod all this while u at mean very near my house la..hahahaha

alex mark said...

Since computerized silver screen has come into the photo, the way films were made has changed radically.tgv showtime

Adiba Alam said...

It is mainstream since it has brilliant atmosphere. Consequently it turns out to be simple for different generation houses to shoot films in such climate.

Muneer Ahmed said...

All things being equal, at last, this motion picture didn't demonstrate the Bible or Christianity in an awful light. I thought the lesson of staying alert was the best survival esteem it gave.