Wednesday, June 30, 2010

UCSI University Masquerade Night

Come one, come all and be mesmerized with a night full of fun, mystery and excitement. Come and witness who will win Ambassador’s title for Project Echo. Vote for this season’s winner for UCSI University’s Got Talent 2. There would be also Tarot Card Reading section where you can test your luck, foresee your future and also seek your love mate. In addition, there would also be a Magic Show where you can be dazzled with the world of magic. For those who appreciate the value of silence, come and be impressed with our Mime Performance where silence is golden.

Dress Code - Casually Smart (Black, Red or White), Masquerade Mask Required

Tickets Price :

For more detail, logon to or follow us at twitter

Monday, June 28, 2010

My Water Moments

Who doesnt like to swim! Raise ur hand now!! *raise hand* hahaha..well, being in water is fun! However, it is pain in ass to bring DSLR along as in DSLR not water proof. And we'll shout like mad when our expensive gadget hit by water.

Fortunate, technology nowdays is so convenience! No worry! Sony is here to introduce their camera, Sony Cyber Shot TX5! What so great about this camera? well do check below to find out :P. The 13 pages & 2 box comic exclusive cover belong to my N900 will explain to u.

So, isn't it awesome to have a camera that water proof! I can even bring it inside when i bath! opss..well, me & n900 seriously mad about this camera. Hopefully fate able to connect N900 with TX5 together.

As usual, special thanks to Nuffnang for the contest that provide me & N900 1/3 chance to own this gorgeous. As mentioned from the comic, TX5 is built to be water-, shock-, dust- and temperature-proof! With features like Intelligent Sweep Panorama, Handheld Twilight and Anti-motion blur, TX5 give you the photographic power to shoot in style whenever, wherever.

For more info, check at

Sunday, June 27, 2010

TAO Authentic Asian Cuisine

I have been drooling over TAO everyday since i had my first one during Penang Trip last year with my gang. I never expect GOD love us so much and wanna make us fat, TAO now is available in KL as well! New branch was opened since last month at Sunway Giza. Being with my gang who never miss this opportunity, we decided to had a dinner there on last fri!

* As usual, YC Gang *

* TAO *

* TAO Chopstick *

Unfortunately Frank unable to join us coz he fever. Yea fever :P..u'll know what i mean later. Well, TAO at here is very difference compare to Penang. Here more nice and classy. Not to mention the price is slightly expensive. However i dare say it will worth ur single penny :). In addition, TAO at here prepared BBQ & Tenpanyaki services. Extra food eh :P

* Red clip for BBQ & Brown for Tenpanyaki..i think :P *

Well, lets my food pics speak louder than my words! I might dun recall some dishes name.

* Got duck, chicken, beef and squid *

* Shoulder Lamb *

* Some hot plate style fish *

* Crispy Crab Meat with Cheese fill *

* Everyone favourite, Scallop *

* Some BBQ food *

* No idea what this call *

* Chicken Teriyaki *

* Tako Yaki *

Manage to play with Wai Loon Tamron 70-300mm lens. First time playing wif zoom lens. Thus catch few victim (or poser) to shoot.

* Sooyan *

* Yvonne *

Ok back to my beloved lens XP

* everyone bz eating while Wai Loon bz shooting..oh wait me too XP *

* Andreinne & Wai Loon *

* 3 girls *

Overall, as i said, the price is expensive which cost RM66.50 for each of us after divide but it worth it. But also depend what u r eating of coz :P

* Did u notice all girl was in black? *

After the dinner, we went for yumcha at Station One Cafe nearby.

* Frank & his gf...jeng jeng jeng *

SEE! The fever boy was here! Cant join us dinner but can yumcha, wtf! hahaha Anyway is a nice outing wif them. As usual, they are my best gang i ever had :)

p/s just realise dun have my own pic..FML -_-

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Nokia N900 Rubber Case

Just got my N900 Rubber Case yesterday. It was nice! Too bad only one color available. I wish they have bright color case so tat can get contrast. Where can i find it? Oh well, time to say bye bye to my leather case. Reason why i change was leather case made my phone look very bulky. My phone originally is already bulky, plus d case = super fat! Now with rubber case it look slimmer for me :P

* The rubber case *

* My previous leather case *

* N900 with the case *

Well, i alwiz call this rubber as condom XD

I feel like paint this condom into yellow color XP

Friday, June 25, 2010

What it's Like to Own an Apple Product

Found this in lyn forum

haha is so damn true. And it enlighten my stress day. Time to continue work. I know my blogpost recently been very time or interest to attend work work T_T

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kamen Rider W/Double (Episode 39 : The Likelihood of the G/Bad Cinema Paradise)

Kamen Rider Double Ep 39 1/3

Kamen Rider Double Ep 39 2/3

Kamen Rider Double Ep 39 3/3

Summary : As Akiko tries to get Philip to cheer up after the revelations about his family, a client named Ai Nijimura comes to the detective agency to ask for help in investigating a strange movie she appears to star in, and that causes people to be trapped in the theater until it finishes. Shotaro and Akiko attempt to investigate the weird movie, but the theater's manager will not allow them. As they try to think of something, a young man named Toru Kawai drops several boxes, and when Ai talks to him, Akiko believes that Toru has a crush on Ai. Just as they are about to leave the theater, Shotaro sees an advertisment for a new 3D movie from the jidaigeki series he watched before. The two buy tickets, tricking the manager into allowing them to stay. Just as they sit down for the movie, the strange movie Ai described begins playing, and Shotaro finds that they are trapped in the theater. At the Sonozaki estate, Wakana talks to her father about how she fought Philip to cut off ties with him, and he promises her that he has a gift for her. At the Futo Hotel, Saeko asks Kazu why he saved her, and he admits in a monotone voice that he likes her and he knows she will not be able to fight the Museum on her own now. Saeko vows to prove him wrong. At the theater, seven hours later, the film ends on a cliffhanger, vexing Shotaro until he sees the culprit: a Dopant. After chasing the Dopant and seeing that it can modify molecular structures of living things, Philip concludes that it is the Gene Dopant. After chasing the Gene Dopant to the roof, and having a very one-sided fight as Kamen Rider Double LunaJoker, the Gene Memory is ejected from the body of Toru Kawai. It is revealed that he filmed the movie as its director and transformed lead actress. Before Double can take him to the police, Akiko, who took the Gene Memory away, tells Shotaro of a way that they can rehabilitate Kawai with the help of everyone, including Ai. At the Digal Corporation, after avoiding detection from Wakana, Saeko sneaks into her old office and opens up a hidden compartment, which holds Kirihiko's Nasca Memory. With Makura, Ryu, Watcherman, and Philip, the group begins to film a new version of Kawai's film with Akiko's changes, cutting it down in length, and an attempt to get Kawai (and Philip) to open up. At the Sonozaki estate, Ryubee shows Wakana her present: the prototype Gaia Progressor. In order to use it, she must get the help of the user of the Gene Memory. Elsewhere, Saeko puts the Nasca Memory in an L.C.O.G, and injects herself with it. Back at the film site, Kawai complains about the film, and Ai tries to figure out what is wrong when Wakana arrives, looking to take Kawai with her and transforming into the ClayDoll Dopant. Shotaro and Philip try to talk Wakana out of being a member of the Museum, but she refuses, and the two transform into Double. Once they transform into CycloneJoker Xtreme, they are able to counter the ClayDoll Dopant until their fight is interrupted by Saeko, belittling Wakana's fighting abilities as she transforms into the Nasca Dopant, which soon turns bright red in color. Jun Kazu watches from afar, noting it as the Nasca Memory's Level 3 transformation. Once Ryu comes back and transforms into Kamen Rider Accel Trial, he is able to keep up with the R Nasca Dopant and tries to hold her so Double can get a shot at her, but she easily overpowers them. In the melee, Akiko notices that the movie camera is in danger, but Kawai holds her back, saying he wants finish the movie himself and get back the Gene Memory.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Macro Photography : Flower

Finally got chance to try out my Raynox DCR-250 fully. Did some flower macro photography at nearby neighborhood. IS hard to use..or i should said hard to focus than i imagine. Hardly capture motion object as well :(

oh well, as usual, comment are alwiz welcome :). i m new to macro world!