Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Hennessy Artistry : Zouk Edition - Puzzle of Friends

Ok i m reli bz wif my assign n student council job. Pressure is reli a scary killing machine especially when come together in a package of headache, streamyxsucks & tmnut. However, it doesnt means i dun get to relax myself. I went to Hennessy Artistry on last sat at Zouk. Manage to spend quality times together wif friends :)

This post is not regarding Hennessy Artistry itself, but is about my friends on that day. Enjoy :)

#1 Joshua Friend (sorry forgot ur name >,<), Samantha, Wen Pink & Joshua

#2 Victoria, Samuel, Xiang & Siew Fai

#3 Pic with the artist, Summer Daniels! She is hot!

#4 Group pic 1

#5 group pic 2

#6 With Devella, first time met her in person :)

#7 With WenPink

#8 With Jacq & Ken

#9 Samantha, Foo & Jacq

#10 With Hitomi

#11 All Party animal

well, will update the event itself on next post, hopefully. Now, if u excuse me i m back to my battlefield..May god bless me stay alive T_T


wen pink said...

LOLOLOLOL!!! MY EYES like cannot bukak like dat!! HAHAHA!

Jackie Loi said...

u mmg la..:P :P :P

HitoMi Ng said...

zhao so drunk haha!! i met him at toilet wtf

Hee, me love the pic i took with you...your face hong pok pok so piggily cute can!!

Jackie Loi said...

meh where got red..LOL..muz b either i drunk or i too hot :P..lala

Joshu@law said...

I love the last pic!!! Party~ baby! XD And my friend's name is wai lun btw..haha.

Devella said...

GOsh...my face look so blur...XD

Thanks Jackie & Thanks Joshua Law =D

I really had an awesome night!! woohoo!!

Jackie Loi said...

@joshua ya la u banyak leng zhai maaa :P

@devella u r welcome ;P