Sunday, June 13, 2010

House Renovation

If u follow @jackieloi, u'll know tat finally my house is under renovation. Been heard this discussion between my mum n dad since last year and they finally executed it 1 weeks ago. Well, i m not happy nor sad about it. Just feel very annoyed wif it especially at d moment i am fking busy wif my assign.

As i know my parent gonna renovate the roof, my room (the windows and wall) and 2 toilet. Well, i m surprise by one thing on last thurs when i went out to uni whole day and only reach home at night around 11+. What surprise me? my house toilet is gone! wtf

i never expect they "pull" they whole toilet out. It seem my mum wanna change the all wall bricks, toilet bowl and everything u can name it in toilet. And the best thing is they cabut d toilet adi and just leave it for few days adi...

Later, they also take out the ceiling above my living room and just leave it like tat for whole day. Luckily they manage to cover it wif wood before rain fall. And now my room is ceiling-less..just covered by a wood..geez

What annoyed me most are, the drilling and hammering sound. It was so noisy until i cant concentrate doing my work. But thanks god i only suffer this on mon, fri and sat coz other day i was in uni. But still very annoyed. Not to mention those renovator keep pull out my telephone line on top the roof, cause me unable to on9 and do my work. WTF! i am get annoyed wif d toilet issue as well

However i think the most pity was blackie. He was like kena animal abuse by my mum. Guess where he stay the whole time when ppl doing renovation? at 1st i tod my mum will locate him at behind the kitchen. But ended up he been placed inside my parent room toilet (the toilet tat havent been demolished). He been placed inside a toilet that around 25 square feet size, with door close and without light pity him :(

So imagine, my house main toilet been pull out, no toilet bowl, no pee and no shit. So the only toilet left in my house been located by, where d hell m i suppose to pee n shit? I still remember d 1st day of renovation, i used my parent room toilet, together wif blackie inside looking on me pee..WTF! until i behtahan and go complain to my mum, ask her relocated blackie behind d kitchen. However after few hours my mum still put him back to d toilet. Coz he keep barking..i think he is afraid being alone (but why d hell he not bark when alone in d toilet?) at d back. From my room window can c d behind kitchen. I can c blackie keep jumping to the ceiling to look at me..with his pity face look summor..awwww

i dunno how long this gonna continue. Sigh..i feel like not staying at this home anymore until d renovation end T_T..any1 wanna offer me their home for temporarily? :P


sirei said...

from the side view, yr dog looks like akita inu!
so cute!!!

Jackie Loi said...

LOL who is akuta inu?? Shiba inu i know la..hahaha