Saturday, June 12, 2010

If Nokia N900 goes 3D...

If u dunno who is Nokia N900, click here to check it out. he is my new baby who i bought since January. It have been almost half year since i own it. All my friend call him toufu, toufu phone, fatty phone and everything u can related wif BULKY & SQUARE :P

I bet most of u know i illustrated my N900 into cartoon and he make appearance in my few post. If u wanna check it out click here, here n here.

* N900 1st concept, have small n thin hand *

* Become the main character of Fish King Pizza *

* And Mister Potato as well *

As every1 know i am future-3d-animator-wannabe. Thus, i wanna practice myself. I illustrated my N900 into 3D!

* Perspective view *

* Rear View *

I done mostly 89% of it. Still need adjust abit on his body proportion, movement and add face expression.

* Few of N900 expression. Main, Laugh, Sad, Smile & Surprise *

All the 3d image i render wif a low setting

* Action 1 *

* Action 2 *

* Action 3 *

* Action 4 *

If i am free, might do some short film of my N900 as well. Not only that, i gonna illustrated my Baby KonKon and KR Clevis into 3D as well ..coming soon of coz :P