Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Karate Kid Movie

Just back from movie with my gf, The Karate Kid. I heard it was a remake from previous karate kid which i believe i watch b4 but forgot the story line..XP

12 year-old Dre Parker (Jaden Smith) and his mother, Sherry, are forced to move to Beijing, China as a result of a job transfer. Dre struggles to adapt and finds himself in trouble with one of the toughest boys at school. Unknown to Dre, Mr. Han, his apartment building's maintenance man and a retired karate instructor, has been secretly watching Dre's struggles. Mr. Han steps in to defend Dre and becomes his mentor.

First of all, it was an awesome show! thumb up to Jackie Chan & Jaden Smith acting. Kinda love some of d joke from Jackie Chan for eg "why do u park ur car in ur living room" "no street parking"... haha..and abit sad when jackie talk about his past. I almost cried..yea i know i very ez get touched..LOL

Beside, a "romance" between kid..hmm nais 1. especially difference races. And the actress looks like one of my friend..ok not from china of coz XP

However my gf said the fighting part at d end of the show is kinda similar with the original karate kid. Well, guess so. i dun reli recall any detail of d old movie..LOL

Anyway, i still believe they should change d title to Kung Fu Kid than Karate Kid. He was learning Kung Fu! Not Karate yo! Anyway, this is a muz watch movie! no regret! :D


Steve Devis said...

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