Monday, June 07, 2010

Mayday DNA World Tour Concert Live in Malaysia 2010

WooohoooO!! I gonna love Wei Wei so much from now onwards! Thanks to her i get to watch Mayday concert last sat for free! yes FREE! :D :D

Been crawling for this concert since i knew it gonna happen, but i damn kiam siap and not willing to buy tic to watch. Never expect i got chance to go thanks to Wei Wei! :D :D

So it was my actually second time attending concert. i gotta say Mayday is awesome! Their stage is full with surprice! lighting, transformer, stage decoration and of coz, video! I can see they use alot 3d in their video and they even had a short film related with DNA. Thumb up to them!

Every member in Mayday perform very well. Of coz my favourite member of Mayday is none other than the main vocalist, AShin. He did his best and sing with all he got on that night. Not to mention the special guest of Mayday, Ding Dang was presented on that night too.

Love Ding Dang voice so much. She is definitely one of my favorite female singer who could sing high key. Unfortunately my awaiting song from her and Ashin, Zhou Huo Ru Mo <走火入魔> doesnt come true :(. But still awesome performance from her! I wanna go her concert!! :D

Mayday is definitely the most successful group for being maintain until today, 11 years if i not mistaken. I gonna go to their concert again in future when i get richer!

p/s pics without watermark courtesy to joshua.

And here i would like to share some of Mayday song that i like :)


kim said...

you are welcome boss. glad that you enjoyed the concert :D

Jackie Loi said...

yea wei enjoy very much time belanja u makan liao :D :D

` Yi Han said...

i like the last song! :D

Jackie Loi said...

lol yyy?? bcoz u not reli happy? hahaha