Monday, June 21, 2010

An Unreasonable Summons

I believe all drivers out there at least will kena Summons once! if not then thumb up to u, u r a good driver. I been kena summons once last year for illegal parking when i park at side road and went for lunch wif gf. Well, tats not a point anyway.

Today, for some unknown reason, a summons addressed to me. When i check, it was on 6 June 2010, 1833 hours, location Jalan Kiara..reason? Illegal parking.

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* Close up *

My point here is, i'll b gladly accept if i did it. BUT WHAT THE HELL!! I DID NOT DID IT!! As i recall, i never went out on 6 June! I still remember clearly d day b4 i went to Mayday Concert. Then d next day i stay at home whole day to rush my last min Mister Potato post. In d end around 9pm++ i went out to Subang, Snowflake wif my gf, Cayenne, Alex & Jacq.

I am very sure i never went out on that day b4 9pm. Not to mention Jalan Kiara. What on earth business i had there? LOL...ok it was my first time encounter this prob. Same goes to my parent. So tell me, izzit police e-system error, or they wanna "dig" my money out? i m not gonna pay. i gonna ask them verify for me. It would b better if they got concrete proof.

or else, once a week they send me this kind of summons they mai very song? So tell me what to do now? Going pay? leave it aside? get them to verify for me? how if they insist said i did it? how to argue back? can i rider kick them? wtf


TOLANIC said...

RM30 sahaja! I thought RM300

kumfye said...

Dont care the summon la...i got piles of summon never pay...

Jackie Loi said...

@tol rm1 also duit bagi saya maaa..rm30 is alot for me wtf..can eat for 6 meals

plus i never do it, why i wanna bayar duit buta? as i said, if they did tat to me once a week they mai very syiok?

@kun LOL i hope i'll :P