Saturday, July 31, 2010

LG Cookie Monster Party : Life Good with Friends

As usual, i alwiz separated Event post with camwhore post.hehe u got it rite! this post is all pics i camwhore with ppl i met in LG Cookie Monster Party. Oh i juz realise d previous post doesnt have my pic. So what monster i m in d event? well juz a normal zombie look (my current look) with red horn on it.

Here are the ppl i camwhore with in d event :D

* with Stitch Hooi Nee *

* Same devil, Wendy *

* Sesame Street Carmen *

* The one and only Meow, Jian *

* My scary bodyguard Adele *

* Thousand Eyes Bunny Jolyn *

* The Vampire without sharp teeth, Nicholas *

* unknown Sandy *

* Arale Cayenne *

* Wonder Nuffie Michelle *

* Nicole the xeroz printer & Cayenne *

* Wonder Nuffie or LG Cookie Fresh *

* Zebra or mayb colgate Jamie *

last but not least, a pic with

* Audrey & Tim *

Friday, July 30, 2010

LG Cookie Monster Party : Life Good with Monsters

Finally, a party event from Nuffnang after so long. Luckily d event was around Jalan P Ramlee, i could attend it without my Baby Vivi. Everyone need to dress up as monster since it was a theme party.

Saw alot unfamiliar faces in d party. However glad to c some old faces as well. How long since v party together like tat? :)

* Nicole sis, Simon & Nicole *

* Hooi Nee, Chole & Sandy *

* Adele, Justina & Tzia *

* More and more monster..can i have werewolf and alien? :( *

The emcee of the night was Kenny Sia. Based on him, it was his first time to b a emcee. Though he make a good job throughout the whole night, but i believe being solo emcee was tiring especially to entertained the crowd.

The event started with a mini contest, eating contest.

* all the contestants *

* eat and drink *

* 2 winner *

Later, every1 was served with buffet as dinner. Good thing i did not join..or else if gonna miss good food :P

* foods! *

Next was a performance from the Nuffie's itself. All female Nuffie form a group and called themself Wonder girl nuffie. The dance the famous song from Wonder Girl, Nobody. Seriously they did a great job and the crowds was asking for encore none stop. Thumb up! I guess in next event all nuffie guy gonna take over n perform :P

* Nobody nobody butchu! *

* Wonder Nuffie! *

Finally is the moment where every1 excited about. To find out who is the most monstrous for male n female category, LOL..there are 5 top monster for each category.

* Predator, Bear, Bezita and 2 vampire *

* Mummy, red ghost (?), stitch, thousand eyes bunny & cookie monster *

The winner goes to the predator and mummy. Whore are they? click d link to find out :P. The winner for best pre-event blog post goes to Pinkaholiclydia, TheEggYolks, & Nicole. Kinda sad i din win anything..but oh well, it mean i m not good enuf yet. Creativity are unlimited!

* All the grand winner *

* Nuffies & winners *

The party was awesome. However i must admit i look bored n cool throughout d whole event. There are alot stuff running in my mind and to worry..uhh especially life without baby vivi sucks..and assignment piling heavy and heavier on my shoulder. I left 2 weeks for survival! Wish me luck! After tat i gonna showcase my work at here :D

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Joseph 22nd Birthday Surprise

Been planning Joe birthday surprise 2 weeks advance. Thx to every student council committee, the plan was successes! Before the birthday surprise, we had a meeting together for the Masquerade Night post mortem. After that was dinner appreciation. While we having dinner, Joe went to his musical practice and there is where our evil preparation begin!

* Writing message on the t-shirt *

* Creamy cake *

* Birthday card. I guess mine easily spot :P *

We gathered at the stair in between 1st floor and second floor and called Joe to come down. We knew he gonna use the lift that directly opposite from the stair. Thus as soon as he came down, we started to sing birthday song from far and loud!

* All the culprits *

* Though is a surprise, he still walking towards us very cooly *

* all birthday ppl will go through this once a year *

* There u go *

We asked him to wear the T-shirt we prepared.

* The T-shirt with our msg. Saw jessie at d back? *

* Yes she is doing this at male toilet..duh *

And the birthday surprise ended with a group pic.

* Group pic *

Surprisingly he din cry..LOL not touched enuf? :P..if me i might paiseh and run back to the lift d same time to avoid from cream attack as well.

Anyway happy birthday joe! u r 1 year older! :D..owh no more sweet sucks

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Salt Premier Screening

Date : 26 July 2010 (Monday)
Time : 9.00pm
Venue : GSC Mid Valley

Courtesy to Nuffnang, i get to watch GARAM Salt super damn early than any1 will do :P

Evelyn A. Salt (Angelina Jolie) is a CIA officer that is identified by a defector as a Russian sleeper spy and is accused of plotting the assassination of the visiting Russian President. Her CIA superiors are quickly convinced that she is involved in an international conspiracy and make her the target of an intense hunt. Evelyn risks her own life and that of her husband to prove that someone else is the traitor.

Well it was a great movie! Evelyn Salt is like invisible, unbeatable and manage to take down 2~5 men wif weapon..LOL..For me the story line was ok but i dun like the character development much. It makes me wonder who is SALT too. Which state are she standing? She denied she is not spy, later ended up is a spy, but din kill russian president, then given order to kill america president, but in d middle dunno wtf her real motive until reach d climax she kill another spy and escape, end of d story..DUH...ok i leaked out spoiler..LOL

* I love this weapon most :D *

* Salt in black hair *

go catch Salt if u love "Salty Wet"!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

MIMIC to the MUZIC with Munchy’s!

Munchy's! Who is Munchy's lover raise your hand up! *Raise hand!!* Now Munchy's is return with their brand new Muzic wafers!! Who doesn’t like music? Life without music is plain boring! The Muzic wafers come in 4 yummy variants – the Muzic Cubes, Muzic Nuss, Muzic Thins and Muzic Bites!

Of course, they not return empty handed to u all! Now, Munchy’s MUZIC Wafer has come out with the Mimic to the MUZIC Contest where you can show off your beautiful mouth music to the world and get your chance to win great prizes! All you have to do is record yourself doing your most creative rendition of the MUZIC Wafer Jingle to enter.

Curious on how to participate with it? Fear not! Read my instruction below!

Step 1: Check out the MUZIC Wafer commercial or download the MUZIC Wafer track here.

Step 2: Shoot a video of you doing the MUZIC Wafer Jingle in the most creative ways imaginable. Your video MUST feature at least one MUZIC Wafer pack and cannot be longer than 30 seconds.

Step 3: Submit your video at via the ‘MIMIC’ tab.

Step 4: Grab a package of Munchy's while waiting judges select your video as a Top 20 Finalist. A notification will be send and your video ready to be vote.

Awesome rite? as easy as learning 123. Oh here a friendly reminder, remember to submit your video before 4 August 2010.

What are the prizes if u ask me? Of coz the prizes are good enuf to make u drool! The 3 grand prize would be Apple Ipad 32gb! Well, fear not, if u din get grand prize, at least be top 20 finalist! The top 20 finalists will get themselves Munchy’s Hamper worth RM150 each!

If you are not chosen top 20, dun sweat! Munchy's are generous enough to offer some cool prize!

Step 1 : Vote and rank your top 3 favourite videos in the order of your choice by dragging and dropping your selection into the vote box. And of coz, have to click SUBMIT :P

Step 2 : You can repeat your vote and rank on next day! You can also choose to submit a different vote and ranking if you like.

Step 3 : Keep at it until end of voting period (from 11 August 2010 until 31st August 2010).

Step 4 : If your ranking accurately or closely match the final winners, you stands the chance to win yourself ipod touch 8GB (limited to 10)!

isn't it cool? Dont miss the fun and chance!

For more info visit Dun wait! The contest starts NOW and ends 4 August 2010! So show ur talent and tell the world who is the boss!

oh almost forgot, here the video i did

i know i sucks..T_T boo me

Monday, July 26, 2010

Kamen Rider W/Double (Episode 44 : The O Chain/Shroud's Confession)

Notice : Ep 42 wun b here due to license problem

Kamen Rider Double Ep 44 1/3

Kamen Rider Double Ep 44 2/3

Kamen Rider Double Ep 44 3/3

Summary : As Philip and Ryu must develop a method to defeat the Old Dopant and return everyone to normal, Shroud's true identity is revealed as she is confronted by Wakana.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cousin Birthday Party

If u follow my twitter (yes same phrase again :P), u should know tat i had a cousin who admitted in hospital due to difficulty in breathing at lung there and soon to be confirmed is a cancer. He been there for almost 4 weeks. So to make him happy, his mother which is my aunt decided to make a birthday party to him in hospital.

* Tats him, Jun Yeen *

I bet this would b unforgettable memory for him. I can see him tat today was his most happy day since admitted in hospital. He received a tonnes of present and blessing from us.

* Teaching them how to make balloon *

* twisting *

* Tadaa, giraffe *

* Making a hat for birthday boy *

* There u go *

Some pics wif friends and family

* Friends *

* With the balloon maker uncle *

* friend again *

* Cousin *

* uncle auntie LOL *

* With my uncle & Auntie *

* Friend again *

* Showing some birthday video made by his friend *

and a birthday boy of coz deserved a birthday cake and song :)

* home made cup cake *

* jeng jeng jeng *

* Singing birthday song *

* and cutting the cake *

What make him most happy was he got a PSP as his birthday present! i also wan!! *hint hint* I guess tonite he can no need sleep and keep playing wif it. Yes, he love playing games :)

* opening the mysterious present *

* and c how happy he is *

* I guess it'll nv let go from his hand *

Hope he get well soon. He just 9 years old this year. He dun deserve all this. May God bless him

* Happy birthday! *