Saturday, July 03, 2010

Fallen Bricks

Just few hours ago, a tragedy almost happen in my family. Still remember my house under renovation? Those bastard almost done my house. At least they told us the roof was done and wun fall. But look at pics below what happen now??

* Bricks on the ground? *

* Half roof? *

Half of the roof (i dunno what d exact name call) was fall down when my dad went up. He wanted to chop off those tree that disturbing the telephone line. However really thanks god when my dad fall down, he manage to fall on one of the pillar n not the ground..At least the distance is reduce and impact not so strong. Same goes to my mum who just below those fallen bricks. Luckily she just move aside or else she'll hit by those bricks.

* Luckily my dad manage to land at here *

* And the light been damaged..*

I just brought my dad to clinic. He got few scratches on the leg and one of his toe was wounded by the bricks. But still, luckily the wound not so deep.

This incident cause me hate renovation more and more..sigh..however i still thanks god for saving my dad n mum. If not because this incident, i will never found back what i had lost. Yes, they are my important family..