Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Life sucks without my Baby is officially 1 weeks after he gone..sigh i miss him so much! T_T..i miss d moment i drive him everywhere everyday..i miss d moment he could send me to wherever i want without him, i have to take the shitty LRT..sigh..waste time :(

Went to Mc D with my classmate for lunch yesterday. Tried the new product of Mc D, GCB! At 1st i tod it stand for Grilled Chicken Burger, but ended up it means Great-tasting Chicken -_-

Taste not bad for me. Kinda love d fact that it was something new and taste difference compare to other chicken product. The grill sauce is awesome as well. Hope they could put more on d burger XP.

Overall it cost around RM12.50 (tax included) for a medium set of this burger. OUCH! Is more expensive than Chicken Mc Deluxe. I rather get Chicken Mc Deluxe for the portion and size of a burger.


FeeQ said...

OMG! I haven't try.. will try 1 day XP

Jackie Loi said...

lol go makan then :P

Devella said...

Nice meh? I have tried it, but I really think that it taste good, I prefer Big Mac...(even cheaper) LOL

Tony Wan said...

oh yeah! Great Chee Buy xD