Friday, July 16, 2010

If Old One Didn't Go, New One Won't Come

If Old One Didn't Go, New One Won't Come, this word is alwiz been so true. It apply to everything. Ur handphone, ur car, ur lover, or whatever u think is irreplaceable. Alot people question whose car is it in this post. For those who see b4, definitely they know is my car la diu! or else i post n fuck my own life for what..blahh!

Anyway, due to d accident, i lost my spec. I wonder where it fly..i juz remember it fly out when my car flipping/turtling..LOL..well, i been using d spec for 4~5 year. Which in other way i nv went to check my eye for 4~5 years. Today i went to Time Square A-Look to get myself new spec. Reason why i like A-Look is because they can ready d spec in 1 hours time to their customer..awesome rite?

* A-Look*

* my new spec *

* Not err..ok is my eye *

Oh for those who dunno, yes i do wear spec. But only apply during movie, class and driving..or sometime concert :P..usually i dun wear coz i dun feel like i need to use my eye to c..LOL

Well, i felt sorry for my dad for cause him this problem..uh guess bad luck chain strike me pass few days until lead to this big accident. I m glad i juz survive without any bleeding n abit scratches only. Doctor confirmed i dun have internal injuries *hope so*.

Thanks for every1 who care about me :)