Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Kuro Digi VQ2005

Still remember i got myself a Digital Lomo at Urbanscape? Not a good one but not bad as well. Dislike the slow shutter response eventhough in daylight. However it is super small and cute! :D

* Kuro Digi *

* Comparing size with SD Card *

* Back View *

* Camera ON *

* Hands On *

Sensor 2mp cmos sensor
lens f2.8
focus fixed 90cm
size 38 X 60 X 20mm, 15g

File Format JPEG
Resolution 1600 x 1200
1280 x 1024
640 x 480

Exposure AUTO
White Balance AUTO

Resolution 320 x 240
rate 10fps
Exposure AUTO
White Balance AUTO
Memory 4mb SDRAM (Internal)

Just use it for twice..uhh i guess i reli bz or nth interesting for me to shoot. Nevertheless, hopefully can use it during my future travel :D..

* Now is like collecting dust *

Here some pics taken by Kuro Digi. Without photoshop. I dont feel it look lomo-ish..or i sucks LOL