Saturday, July 31, 2010

LG Cookie Monster Party : Life Good with Friends

As usual, i alwiz separated Event post with camwhore post.hehe u got it rite! this post is all pics i camwhore with ppl i met in LG Cookie Monster Party. Oh i juz realise d previous post doesnt have my pic. So what monster i m in d event? well juz a normal zombie look (my current look) with red horn on it.

Here are the ppl i camwhore with in d event :D

* with Stitch Hooi Nee *

* Same devil, Wendy *

* Sesame Street Carmen *

* The one and only Meow, Jian *

* My scary bodyguard Adele *

* Thousand Eyes Bunny Jolyn *

* The Vampire without sharp teeth, Nicholas *

* unknown Sandy *

* Arale Cayenne *

* Wonder Nuffie Michelle *

* Nicole the xeroz printer & Cayenne *

* Wonder Nuffie or LG Cookie Fresh *

* Zebra or mayb colgate Jamie *

last but not least, a pic with

* Audrey & Tim *