Saturday, July 24, 2010

Malaysia Toys Fair

Just back from Mid Valley Exhibition Hall Toys Fair. It was 1st ever Toys fair held in Malaysia. When i heard about it i was as excited as kid who r getting new toys. It is toys! Who dun love toys? :P

Unfortunately i wasn't inform tat need admission fees, RM3. I almost bang into the entrance without any tic LOL. As soon as entered, the first toys ever i saw was Dweey! I remember back to few years i bought Angel Dweey soft toy to my dear. Now they came out with various design and toys. Awesome :D

However i must say i abit disappointed with the toys fair. Half of the hall was occupied with Online Games which doesnt stimulate my interest (Oh yea i quit addict in on9 game :P). Another half of the hall doesnt display much toys.

Anyway enjoy the pics below

* 1 of my fav character, Lu Bu *

* Liu Bei, Cao Cao & Sun Quan *

* Lego *

* Wolverine and..err *

* Owhh i miss my Tamiya Car *

* Cosplayer *

* Transformers first generation *

* Optimus Prime! *

* Toodle doll *

* Er i dunno who is this *

But i kinda excited when i saw Kamen Rider W DX Belt with Fang and Extreme Memories..ahhhh! *Jizz on the pant*

* Kawaii-desu *


Biopolymath said...

The fact that half of the exhibits were computer games is disappointing since I've seen numerous games during WCG. On the other hand the toys really brings back memories!

Jackie Loi said...

i agree...i was expecting more toys :(

 Jıёyı . PıикaвёLŁ . Q`kiё . мё  said...

So little cute toys! i thought will have like Action City those display toys and moree ! cheyy ):

u got typo ! *gew years*

sirei said...

what a big disappointment. i was expecting more designers toys or urban vinyl. thank god i didn't go, haha~

Jackie Loi said...

@jieyi dun have much toys luu..damn disappointed :P..oh thx for d typo mentioned :D

@sirei haha yea..but well, can go experience ha la..i think d best is d cosplay competition on noon but i din stay to c..LOL