Sunday, July 18, 2010

Motorspot Division Car Show

Courtesy of BlupBlup, i m invited to join the car exhibition at Motorspot Division. I bet all males and females are drool over the best, expensive yet cool looking cars. For me, i personally din study much on car but i do judge book by its cover! LOLL..

Manage to shoot some pics of the cars as in i m not in d full mood. Why? looking on those car remind me my poor baby vivi..woo wooo..can i replace my baby vivi wif all this cars? :D :D..dun reli know whats all this car model call..yes i m noob =X

But i guess this enuf to make every1 orgasm. Audi TT! Like batman car wtf :D

Pics of the day with friends

* With Karyan & Jeremy at d back *

* Xiang, Vic & Sam *


ken said...

woots nice cars!

and you get paid by blupblup for such a simple post? that's so cool as well.. =)

Jackie Loi said...

lol i'll b happy n motivated if got pay 1 la wtf

DanielCtw said...

Time to get some lens for better photos to take.

Jackie Loi said...

@daniel money ahhh..dun reli bother wif lens n least not d desperate lvl yet LOL