Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pre-event : UCSI University Masquerade Night

Woohoo! My uni masquerade night just over yesterday! It was a blast and thx for everyone support! I am still busy and no time to filter those photos yet..sigh..anyway here are some pre-event pics AKA rehearsal of our event. It is my first event as a committee member after join UCSI..and will b last as well :P

* random *

* the whole environment *

* decorating *

* drum *

* The drummer *

* Wall-E tat made of recycle items *

* The stage *

* The 2 joker emcee, Sheldon & Benji *

* 2 men behind the slide show, Gabriel & Hong *

* Sony user? wink wink :)*

* This is our mask..i guess :P *

Everyone reli came wif mask and look awesome on tat night :D..ok except me of coz..i guess my cam is my mask adi anyway :P